The north

10 years ago

July 21, 2009: The Grindstone Island militia can stand down. A group of startled Clayton residents who mistakenly believed the Town Council was trying to create a new Wind Energy Facility Overlay District on Grindstone Island planned to oppose the rumored wind district at an annual council meeting on Grindstone. However, the town isn’t creating a new wind overlay district, and some people simply misinterpreted a public notice on the proposed zoning amendments.

25 years ago

July 21, 1994: The Fort Drum Historical Collection opened to the public earlier this month. The historical collection is not to be mistaken for a museum because the installation does not have permission to house a museum and there is no curator for the facility. The building, on Nash Boulevard, has an Army tank parked out front. It houses portions of the installation’s history in a more informal way than a museum.

50 years ago

July 21, 1969: Voters approved the $248,000 local share of the proposed Clayton Recreation Park Complex at a referendum Tuesday with a two to one majority of the 556 ballots cast. Construction is expected to begin in late fall, with the facility ready for the summer of 1970. The first phase of construction consists of swimming facilities complete with bathhouse, concession stand and parking facilities.

75 years ago

July 21, 1944: On Friday evening, Republican women of the township of Theresa will meet in the town hall to organize a Theresa Republican club. In going over a small portion of the village, ladies interested in forming a club here found 20 women ready to assist in organizing such an effort. This being an important year, politically, the local women feel that Theresa should make every effort to sponsor this work.

100 years ago

July 21, 1919: With a crowd of approximately 3,000 persons watching him from Washington street and Public Square and from every window which offered a point of vantage, “Bob” Broadway, the Human Fly, scaled the front of the Bank building at the corner of Washington and Stone streets at 3 this afternoon in one of the most daring performances ever seen in Watertown.

125 years ago

July 21, 1894: The A.M.E. Zion church is in need of many improvements. The congregation is deeply interested in the matter of improving the edifice, and their efforts will undoubtedly meet with popular support and approval on part of the public. The public sympathizes with the cause of Christianity contributing their efforts.

150 years ago

July 21, 1869: The large bulk-head and flume of the Factory Square Dam will be completed today and it is really a huge work. The work has been done under the direction of Geo. Stoddard, and we feel certain that it is strong enough to defy the floods for a century at least.

The world

1773: Pope Clement XIV abolishes the Jesuit order.

1861: In the first major battle of the Civil War, Confederate forces defeat the Union Army along Bull Run near Manassas Junction, Virginia. The battle becomes known as Manassas by the Confederates, while the Union calls it Bull Run.

1865: Wild Bill Hickok kills gunman Dave Tutt in Springfield, Mo., in what is regarded as the first formal quick-draw duel.

1873: The James Gang robs a train in Adair, Iowa.

1896: Mary Church Terrell founds the National Association of Colored Women in Washington, D.C.

1906: French Captain Alfred Dreyfus is vindicated of his earlier court-martial for spying for Germany.

1919: The British House of Lords ratifies the Versailles Treaty.

1925: John Scopes is found guilty for teaching evolution in Dayton, Tenn., and is fined $100.

1941: France accepts Japan’s demand for military control of Indochina.

1944: U.S. Army and Marine forces land on Guam in the Marianas.

1954: The French sign an armistice with the Viet Minh that ends the war but divides Vietnam into two countries.

1960: Sirimavo Bandaranaike becomes the first woman prime minister of Ceylon.

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