The north

10 years ago

July 28, 2009: After years of overlooking the Soldiers and Sailors monument, Watertown is taking steps to have the century-old statue repaired. The city has hired Conservation Solutions Inc. to compile a report that determines how much it will cost to refurbish and repair the Public Square monument. Besides being sandblasted twice, Soldiers and Sailors monument has seen a minimum amount of maintenance since being constructed in the early 1890s.

25 years ago

July 28, 1994: Ag-Pro Ltd., a new soybean processing company, will open in Massena Industrial Park in several months. “The Massena area is a desirable location because of low energy costs, access to railroads, and its location near Canada,” President Fred D. Pollard said. Ag-Pro will buy beans from Canada at first and hopes to eventually buy them from Northern New York farmers.

50 years ago

July 28, 1969: Pfc. John P. Hearne, Bridgeport, Conn., was taken by army ambulance to the Camp Drum hospital at 10 p.m. Saturday after he injured his right knee while dancing at the Hotel Woodruff go-go lounge. A cast was applied and police said the injury was diagnosed as an internal disarrangement of the knee caused by the soldier’s dance floor maneuvers.

75 years ago

July 28, 1944: Gasoline distributers in northern New York are beginning to feel the first “pinch” of the summer months in the amount of petroleum for automobiles that is being received in this section. Major gasoline company distributors said this morning that petroleum is not as plentiful throughout northern New York right now as it has been for some time.

100 years ago

July 28, 1919: Youngsters who persist in taking a dip in Black River during these hot summer days without donning their bathing suits, are liable to arrest and prosecution, according to a warning made this morning by Chief of Police E.J. Singleton. Several complaints have been received at the police office in regard to lads going in swimming without bathing suits.

125 years ago

July 28, 1894: The Antwerp board of trustees has passed an ordinance prohibiting the riding of bicycles, velocipedes and tricycles upon any of the sidewalks of the village. The trustees are to be commended for their action, as bicycles have become so numerous upon our sidewalks that they are voted as intolerable by all pedestrians.

150 years ago

July 28, 1869: There are two fellows in a carriage drawn by a handsome span of plumed horses, on the Square last night selling “endless matches” for thirty five cents a box. They should be cheaper, for half the world is engaged in endless match-making.

The world

1914: Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia, beginning World War I.

1932: The Bonus Army of impoverished World War I veterans is violently pushed out of Washington, D.C.

1945: A B-25 bomber crashes into the Empire State Building in New York City, killing 13 people.

1965: President Lyndon Johnson sends an additional 50,000 troops to South Vietnam.

1990: A fire at an electrical substation causes a blackout in Chicago. Some 40,000 people were without power for up to three days.

1996: Discovery of remains of a prehistoric man near Kennewick, Wash., casts doubts on accepted beliefs of when, how and where the Americas were populated.

2005: Britain experiences its most costly tornado to date, causing 40 million Sterling Pounds of damage to Birmingham in just four minutes. There were no fatalities.

2005: The Irish Republican Army (IRA) announces an end to its 30-year armed campaign in Northern Ireland.

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