Looking backward

The north

10 years ago

June 26, 2011: The Mercy nursing home, the vacant Masonic Temple and the North Side Improvement League are some of the more noteworthy properties listed in this morning’s tax sale certificate auction. In all, 212 parcels — totaling $530,149.12 in back city, county and school taxes — are included in this year’s tax certificate sale. Delinquent owners have two years after a tax sale to redeem their properties before the owner of the tax sale certificate can request to take ownership of the properties.

25 years ago

June 26, 1996: Now you can have your New York state strawberries — and eat them too. It’s unlikely the fruit has been tainted with a rare parasite that has reportedly made hundreds of people ill nationwide, a state official said Monday. Early tests on New York-grown strawberries do not show the presence of cyclospora microbes that may have hampered strawberry crops in other states and in Ontario, Canada.

50 years ago

June 26, 1971: Fishing guides and marine owners on Point Peninsula are upset by the amount of commercial trap fishing being done close to shore and have launched efforts to press for a change in the law governing fishing zones. The group wants the zone on the southern part of the eastern shore of Lake Ontario, where commercial fishing is prohibited, extended north to the mouth of the St. Lawrence River.

75 years ago

June 26, 1946: The first official consolidated listing of army dead and missing in World War II, presented by the war department, reveals that 1,055 men and women from northern New York were army casualties. For northern New York, the highest army casualty rate was in St. Lawrence county — 246. Totals for the other counties are: Jefferson, 220; Oswego, 192; Clinton, 118; Essex, 114; Franklin, 101 and Lewis, 61.

100 years ago

June 26, 1921: The Thousand Islands, with Alexandria Bay as its “Hub,” is having a boom in the way of buyers for real estate at the present time. Island property to the extent of about a dozen tracts of land has exchanged hands for different large sums since the season closed for 1920.

125 years ago

June 26, 1896: Health Officer Dr. E. S. Willard reports very favorably regarding the city’s health at present. There are but few cases of scarlet fever and none of diphtheria, and only a few cases of typhoid, none of which are serious. This is in marked contrast to the situation some time ago.

150 years ago

June 26, 1871: The corner-stone of our new State Capitol was laid on Saturday, amid one of the severest rain-storms ever witnessed in that or any other locality. Notwithstanding the storm, Albany was out at an early hour, and before nine o’clock the principal streets were crowded with expectant promenaders.

The world

1804: The Lewis and Clark Expedition reaches the mouth of the Kansas River after completing a westward trek of nearly 400 river miles.

1924: After eight years of occupation, American troops leave the Dominican Republic.

1963: President John Kennedy announces “Ich bin ein Berliner” at the Berlin Wall.

1971: The U.S. Justice Department issues a warrant for Daniel Ellsberg, accusing him of giving away the Pentagon Papers.

1993: Roy Campanella, legendary catcher for the Negro Leagues and the Los Angeles Dodgers, dies.

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