Watertown Daily Times fileThis is a group of local plane watchers at Thompson Park in April 1951 during a weekend eastern air defense exercise. From left t, Clyde Jaquith, Charles W. Hayes, Kay McAleese, Rita Jaquith, George Bonadio, Barbara Slate, Janice Kesler, Charles Bush, Arna Smith, Joy Kesler, Lieut. William Christian, U.S.A.F., Etta Smith, Dorothy Jenkins and Nancy MacKean.

The north

10 years ago

June 30, 2009: The green and white “Pride of New York” markers for locally and state-produced goods will once again be seen in several Jefferson County grocery stores after a hiatus due to grocery distributor changes. The growth of the local wine industry and Great Lakes Cheese plant in Adams has raised awareness of locally produced goods among consumers.

25 years ago

June 30, 1994: General Motors Powertrain Division plans to begin removal of polychlorinated biphenyls in sediment of the St. Lawrence River in the fall. GM must wait for the Environmental Protection Agency to give its final approval of the plans for removing contaminants. Dredging is scheduled in the river north of the GM plant in Massena.

50 years ago

June 30, 1969: One or more balloon ascensions at the Jefferson county fairgrounds are being arranged to recreate an interesting moment in Watertown history during “Old Home Week.” Complete information will be made public as details are finalized. Old Home Week is also the week of the county fair. A special tent at the fairgrounds will be made available as a meeting place for former Watertown residents to renew acquaintances.

75 years ago

June 30, 1944: The Greyhound bus, scheduled to arrive in Potsdam at 7:35 p.m., and which delivers the Watertown Daily Times evening edition to Weston’s store, broke down near Eben Wednesday, causing a delay in delivery of the papers. John Brock, local circulation manager, drove his car to Eben and brought the papers to Potsdam.

100 years ago

June 30, 1919: Charles Sherman, known throughout northern New York as “Huckleberry” Charlie, who was brought to the City hospital Thursday suffering from a dislocation of the left shoulder, was discharged from the hospital Friday night and left for his home in Great Bend.

125 years ago

June 30, 1894: L.G. De Cant, manager of Glen park, returned from New York this morning, having completed all arrangements for the grand Fourth of July celebration to be held at the park. An extensive display of aerial fire works has been purchased, and patrons will be treated to a splendid exhibition, after the illuminated balloon ascension in the evening.

150 years ago

June 30, 1869: There will be a Grand Independence party at Gardenier & Brother’s Hotel, Brownville, July 5th. Their hall is one of the largest in the county. They have secured Mark Horth’s Full Band for the occasion, and the gentlemanly proprietors will do all they can to give the public a grand evening entertainment.

The world

1857: Charles Dickens reads from A Christmas Carol at St. Martin’s Hall in London — his first public reading.

1934: Adolf Hitler orders the purge of his own party in the “Night of the Long Knives.”

1936: Margaret Mitchell’s novel, Gone With the Wind, is published.

1948: John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley demonstrate their invention, the transistor, for the first time.

1960: Alfred Hitchcock’s film, Psycho, opens.

1971: Three Soviet cosmonauts die when their spacecraft depressurizes during reentry.

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