Looking backward 1

Looking backward

The north

10 years ago

June 5, 2009: A more than 100-year-old bridge along County Route 812 in the village of Heuvelton soon will be knocked down and replaced. The structure, which is on the south end of the village and crosses the Oswegatchie River, will be replaced with a three-span concrete arch bridge for about $5.8 million. Although asbestos must be removed from a paint coating on the bridge before it can be torn down, DOT officials expect the replacement to be completed by July 2010.

25 years ago

June 5, 1994: One of the most gifted and internationally acclaimed singers to have emerged from the Crane School of Music at Potsdam State University College in recent years will return to the area via the airwaves on WSLU, North Country Public Radio, next weekend. Soprano Renee Fleming, class of 1981, will be heard in the title role of American composer Carlisle Floyd’s 1955 opera “Susannah” at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, part of a series of live performances recorded at Lyric Opera of Chicago.

50 years ago

June 5, 1969: Steadily growing numbers of visitors each year, combined with a mountainside location, have led the Adirondack Museum at Blue Mountain Lake to begin what may be the first double-deck parking in the Adirondacks. Steel shafts are being installed in concrete forms on the current level for the construction of the first deck of overhead parking. A second level can be added later.

75 years ago

June 5, 1944: The aircraft warning service observation post, located on the athletic field of the New York State Ranger School at Wanakena, was discontinued at midnight, Sunday, May 28, on orders received from the headquarters of the Albany Air Region. This section of the country is very thinly populated and at no time were there more than 35 active observers on the roster.

100 years ago

June 5, 1919: A celebration in honor of the boys from Lewis county who served in the world war will be held in Lowville, Aug. 2. The county historian has a list of over 600 Lewis county boys who served in the war and it is expected that the greater part of the men will take part in the parade. Civil war veterans, several bands and many other organizations from all parts of the county will also participate.

125 years ago

June 5, 1894: Don’t kill the weather prophet. He is doing his best.

150 years ago

June 5, 1869: There is good pike fishing now in Dexter Bay. Bowers, at his hotel, furnishes parties with boats, oarsmen, and fishing tackle, besides giving them first class accommodations.

The world


1099: Members of the First Crusade witness an eclipse of the moon and interpret it as a sign they will recapture Jerusalem.

1568: Ferdinand, the Duke of Alba, crushes the Calvinist insurrection in Ghent.

1595: Henry IV’s army defeats the Spanish at the Battle of Fontaine-Francaise.

1637: American settlers in New England massacre a Pequot Indian village.

1783: Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier make the first public balloon flight.

1794: The U.S. Congress prohibits citizens from serving in any foreign armed forces.

1827: Athens falls to Ottoman forces.

1851: Harriet Beecher Stowe publishes the first installment of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” in The National Era.

1856: U.S. Army troops in the Four creeks region of California, head back to quarters, officially ending the Tule River War. Fighting, however, will continue for a few more years.

1872: The Republican National Convention, the first major political party convention to include blacks, commences.

1900: British troops under Lord Roberts seize Pretoria from the Boers.

1940: The German army begins its offensive in Southern France.

1947: Secretary of State George C. Marshall outlines “The Marshall Plan,” a program intended to assist European nations, including former enemies, to rebuild their economies.

1956: Premier Nikita Khrushchev denounces Josef Stalin to the Soviet Communist Party Congress.

1967: The Six-Day War between Israel and Egypt, Syria and Jordan begins.

2004: Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan dies at age 93. Reagan was the 40th president of the United States.

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