The north

10 years ago

March 14, 2011: A bore sample taken from beneath PotsdamTown Hall has unearthed nothing but sand and gravel, paving the way for officials to construct a three-story elevator to make the facility handicapped accessible. Adding the lift is part of a $600,000 makeover under way at the 35 Market St. municipal building.

25 years ago

March 14, 1996: An electronic message system to warn motorists about real-time road conditions in the snow belt section of Interstate 81 will be in service from Friday, a state Department of Transportation official said. Three of the five variable message signs are in Jefferson County. Weather information will be provided by state police, DOT snowplow crews and the transportation department’s weather data system in Watertown.

50 years ago

March 14, 1971: Sheriff’s deputies received a report Sunday that children had used tailor’s marking chalk to mark up four suits, four overcoats and other garments on display at the Robert Hall Clothing Store, Adams Road. A store officials said some of the clothes could be cleaned, but stated that several silk garments were ruined by the chalk marks and would have to be discarded.

75 years ago

March 14, 1946: A new International Harvester company building at Gouverneur will be opened to the public Thursday night. The building will offer a complete parts department, service station and tool room equipped with precision tools for work on all types of trucks and farm equipment. Skilled mechanics will offer local farmers work and repairs on farm equipment similar to services offered motorists in garages.

100 years ago

March 14, 1921: Edward Hungerford leaves Saturday for Europe where he will spend the next four months gathering material for special articles to be published in the magazines and press of America. Mr. Hungerford is a keen observer, a most interesting writer and his work is much sought by American magazines.

125 years ago

March 14, 1896: O. W. Gray, the popular ice man, is at Cape Vincent, procuring his supply of ice for his customers for the summer of 1896. This ice is for drinking water purposes and is very clear and clean, being taken out of Lake Ontario. Mr. Gray will ship over 50 carloads of this ice to Watertown.

150 years ago

March 14, 1871: Hungerford’s Bank at Adams was broken into last night, the safe blown or broken open and rifled of a few articles of small value, as we learn. The burglars then took a valuable gray horse belonging to Gen. Hungerford, with which they left the county. The telegraph was used freely in all directions this morning, and before noon to-day the thieves, three in number, were caught near Mexico, Oswego county.

The world

1629: A Royal charter is granted to the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

1794: Inventor Eli Whitney receives a patent for his cotton gin.

1900: United States currency goes on the gold standard.

1964: A Dallas jury finds Jack Ruby guilty of the murder of assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

1967: John F. Kennedy’s body is moved from a temporary grave to a permanent one in Arlington Cemetery.

1978: An Israeli force of 22,000 invades south Lebanon, hitting the PLO bases.

1990: Mikhail S. Gorbachev becomes president of the Soviet Congress.

1991: The “Birmingham Six,” imprisoned for 16 years for their alleged part in an IRA pub bombing, are set free after a court agrees that the police fabricated evidence.

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