The front page of the New York Times announced the news of White South Africans approving constitutional reforms to give legal equality to blacks in March 1992.

Looking backward

The north

10 years ago

March 17, 2011: Klaus Kleinfeld, chairman and CEO of Alcoa Inc., will visit Massena Friday to celebrate the reopening of the company’s Massena East operations. U.S. Sen. Charles E. Schumer will be among those in attendance to welcome Mr. Kleinfeld. This will be the first Massena visit for Mr. Kleinfeld, who elects to visit several plants around the world each year.

25 years ago

March 17, 1996: The former Kmart store on Washington Street, Watertown, will become Samaritan Wellness Center if Samaritan Medical Center follows through on an option to buy the vacant site. Samaritan officials are looking to the 70,000-square-foot building and large lot as a possible solution to space problems at the hospital’s main campus, which is about a mile north on Washington Street. The space crunch has resulted in jammed parking lots and shuffling of programs during a time of rapid expansion.

50 years ago

March 17, 1971: The bright green and yellow of a shamrock flag blew in the chilly breeze outside of the municipal building today in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. The flag was raised by Patrolman James O’Neil of the Watertown Police Department and Rev. Henry W. McFadden of St. Anthony’s Church. Mayor Rand paid tribute to the late Charles W. Hayes, who originally launched the St. Patrick’s Day ceremony.

75 years ago

March 17, 1946: The Pine Camp military reservation is being counted upon as an important phase in the army’s postwar training program and indications are that the post will once more be used for training of peace-time national guard units. For weeks now, reports have been growing regarding the probable closing of Pine Camp within the next 90 days. Colonel John M. England, post commander, described such reports as “just rumors.”

100 years ago

March 17, 1921: St. Patrick’s day was observed by many today by the wearing of green neckties, other articles of wearing apparel of emerald hue, and green carnations. Tonight in observance of St. Patrick’s day, the relaxation of the regulations of Lent, many dances and other parties will be held.

125 years ago

March 17, 1896: Even at this early stage in the game, there is no question but that old St. Lawrence will fall into line with the rest of the state and, as her first choice for the presidential nominee, will bring about Gov. Morton’s nomination. For second choice, it is very evident that the air is getting pretty thick with McKinleyism and McKinley’s followers are liable to be heard from at the congressional convention.

150 years ago

March 17, 1871: St. Patrick’s Day will be celebrated in this city in about the usual manner — a procession with music, and a ball in the evening.

The world

1910: The Camp Fire Girls are founded in Lake Sebago, Maine.

1942: The Nazis begin deporting Jews to the Belsen camp.

1959: The 14th Dalai Lama flees Tibet and goes to India.

1961: The United States increases military aid and technicians to Laos.

1962: The Soviet Union asks the United States to pull out of South Vietnam.

1970: The Army charges 14 officers with suppression of facts in the My Lai massacre case.

1972: Nixon asks Congress to halt busing in order to achieve desegregation.

1973: First POWs are released from the “Hanoi Hilton” in Hanoi, North Vietnam.

1985: President Ronald Reagan agrees to a joint study with Canada on acid rain.

1992: White South Africans approve constitutional reforms giving legal equality to blacks.

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