The first issue of Time magazine is published on March 3, 1923.

Looking backward

The north

10 years ago

March 3, 2011: Jefferson County wants American Eagle Airlines. The county will make a recommendation to the federal Department of Transportation favoring air service at Watertown International Airport, Dexter, through the airline. The airline offered 44-seat Embraer regional jets flying to Chicago-O’Hare International Airport, twice per day on weekdays and once per day on weekends.

25 years ago

March 3, 1996: A federal credit union that has remained exclusive for 33 years announced Friday it will open its doors to residents throughout much of St. Lawrence and Franklin counties. The 24,000-member SeaComm Federal Credit Union has received a new charter from the National Credit Union Administration to serve employees of area companies not already affiliated with credit unions. Members must work within 25 miles of a SeaComm office — in Massena, Malone and Potsdam.

50 years ago

March 3, 1971: Two riding horses, owned by J. Russell Tabolt in Croghan, became stranded in the snow Friday when they wandered into a field of deep and crusted snow. A Tabolt family member discovered their plight and four men shoveled them out and made a path to the barn.

75 years ago

March 3, 1946: In response to President Truman’s request that there be more home and victory gardening and produce farming this year than ever in order to supply the home needs for food while the United States is shipping immense quantities of food to starving Europe and Asia, the Men’s Garden Club of Watertown has undertaken the victory gardening project in Watertown. Garden plots on the Harrison and Hinds tracts will be leased for a nominal charge of $2.50 for the season.

100 years ago

March 3, 1921: E. C. Dillingham, a well known veteran of the Civil war celebrated his 80th birthday at his home in Lisbon on Saturday. Mr. Dillingham still sleeps in the same room in which he was born. He has lived on the homestead continuously except for three years while he was with the Union army.

125 years ago

March 3, 1896: There are two prisoners confined in the county jail, the smallest number in a long time. The time of one of these, who is there for drunkenness, ends tomorrow, which will leave only Mackey, the debtor, as a pensioner on the county’s bounty, unless some new prisoner is placed in the jail before that time.

150 years ago

March 3, 1871: Last evening a young lad stole an axe from the store of Mr. Grant. He was afterwards arrested and taken to jail for the night. This morning he was brought before the Recorder, who, after giving the boy good advice, released him. Boys who hang around the streets and stores and do not pretend to go to school, must look out for themselves.

The world

1791: Congress passes a resolution authorizing the U.S. Mint; legislation creating the mint will be passed on Apr. 2, 1792.

1803: The first impeachment trial of a U.S. Judge, John Pickering, begins.

1817: The first commercial steamboat route from Louisville to New Orleans is opened.

1845: Florida becomes the 27th U.S. state.

1857: Under pretexts, Britain and France declare war on China.

1861: The serfs of Russia are emancipated by Alexander II as part of a program of westernization.

1863: President Abraham Lincoln signs the conscription act compelling U.S. citizens to report for duty in the Civil War or pay $300.

1877: Rutherford B. Hayes, the republican governor of Ohio is elected president, his election confirmed by an electoral commission after disputed election the previous November.

1878: Russia and the Ottomans sign the Treaty of San Stefano, granting independence to Serbia.

1905: The Russian Czar agrees to create an elected assembly.

1918: The Soviets and Germany sign a peace treaty at Brest-Litovsk depriving the Soviets of White Russia.

1919: Boeing flies the first U.S. international airmail from Vancouver, British Columbia to Seattle, Wash.

1923: The first issue of Time magazine is published. It’s editor, Henry R. Luce, is just out of Yale.

1931: President Herbert Hoover signs a bill that makes Francis Scott Key’s “Star Spangled Banner,” the national anthem.

1939: In Bombay, Gandhi begins a fast to protest the state’s autocratic rule.

1940: A Nazi air raid kills 108 on a British liner in the English Channel.

1941: Moscow denounces the Axis rule in Bulgaria.

1942: The RAF raids the industrial suburbs of Paris.

1945: Finland declares war on the Axis.

1952: The U.S. Supreme Court upholds New York’s Feinberg Law banning Communist teachers in the United States.

1969: Sirhan Sirhan testifies in a court in Los Angeles that he killed Robert Kennedy.

1973: Japan discloses its first defense plan since World War II.

1999: Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky appears on national television to explain her affair with President Bill Clinton.

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