The north

10 years ago

March 7, 2011: The revitalization of the former Frink property in Clayton will start with the construction of a 100-room luxury hotel. Krog Corp., Frink’s potential master developer, hopes to purchase the 8.4-acre riverfront property and build a four-star hotel near the proposed regional docks. The news came as a surprise to many members of the Clayton Local Development Corp, as they initially expected Krog to build residential properties first.

25 years ago

March 7, 1996: Sen. Majority Leader Robert J. Dole’s campaign swept through the north country on his way to winning Thursday’s state presidential primary. All of Mr. Dole’s delegates prevailed in the 24th Congressional district, which is made up of Jefferson, St. Lawrence, Lewis, Oswego, Franklin, Clinton, Hamilton, Fulton and part of Essex and Herkimer counties. Mr. Dole got 50 percent of the vote in the district, according to unofficial results, compared to about 32 percent for millionaire businessman Steve Forbes and 18 percent for conservative commentator Patrick J. Buchanan.

50 years ago

March 7, 1971: A city snowplow operator complained to police Thursday that a youth had thrown a snowball through the open window of his cab, hitting him on the side of the face. Police said the youth threw the snowball because the plow had filled a driveway and sidewalk that had just been shoveled. The youth was reprimanded and police said the plow operator was undecided as to whether he wanted to press charges.

75 years ago

March 7, 1946: The first meeting for the establishment of a Veterans of Foreign Wars Post in the village of Carthage will be held Friday evening in the Chamber of Commerce rooms. All veterans from Carthage, West Carthage, and nearby towns who are interested in becoming members of a local post are urged to attend this initial meeting. Several members of the Watertown Barben-Jones post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, will be present at the meeting to assist in the opening of the chapter.

100 years ago

March 7, 1921: The Union college wireless station at Schenectady is sending out “wireless music” every Thursday night. Local wireless “bugs” are said to have received these waves and they have been reported as far west as the central states. One local station reports having plainly heard a violin and banjo from the Schenectady station.

125 years ago

March 7, 1896: The young people of Rosiere are enjoying themselves at present by skating. There is about 300 acres of the Ashland farm covered with good skating ice.

150 years ago

March 7, 1871: Efforts are being made by the Y.M.C.A. to secure a lecture by Miss Kate Field. She can come here the 17th inst., but St. Patrick has engaged Washington Hall. Whether she can appoint another evening remains to be seen.

The world

1774: The British close the port of Boston to all commerce.

1799: In Palestine, Napoleon captures Jaffa and his men massacre more than 2,000 Albanian prisoners.

1809: Aeronaut Jean Pierre Blanchard — the first person to make an aerial voyage in the New World — dies at the age of 56.

1838: Soprano Jenny Lind (“the Swedish Nightingale”) makes her debut in Weber’s opera Der Freischultz.

1847: U.S. General Winfield Scott occupies Vera Cruz, Mexico.

1849: The Austrian Reichstag is dissolved.

1862: Confederate forces surprise the Union army at the Battle of Pea Ridge, in Arkansas, but the Union is victorious.

1876: Alexander Graham Bell is granted a patent for the telephone.

1904: The Japanese bomb the Russian town of Vladivostok.

1906: Finland becomes the third country to give women the right to vote, decreeing universal suffrage for all citizens over 24, however, barring those persons who are supported by the state.

1912: French aviator, Heri Seimet flies non-stop from London to Paris in three hours.

1918: Finland signs an alliance treaty with Germany.

1925: The Soviet Red Army occupies Outer Mongolia.

1927: A Texas law that bans Negroes from voting is ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

1933: The film King Kong premieres in New York City.

1933: The board game Monopoly is invented.

1935: Malcolm Campbell sets an auto speed record of 276.8 mph in Florida.

1936: Hitler sends German troops into the Rhineland, violating the Locarno Pact.

1942: Japanese troops land on New Guinea.

1951: U.N. forces in Korea under General Matthew Ridgeway launch Operation Ripper, an offensive to straighten out the U.N. front lines against the Chinese.

1968: The Battle of Saigon, begun on the day of the Tet Offensive, ends.

1971: A thousand U.S. planes bomb Cambodia and Laos.

1979: Voyager 1 reaches Jupiter.

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