The north

10 years ago

March 22, 2010: The annual moe.down music festival is moving from Lewis County to a new venue in rural Herkimer County. The Labor Day weekend event — which, in recent years, has attracted an audience of 6,000 to 7,000 — was held at the Snow Ridge Ski Resort in Turin for its first 10 years. While the festival has been marked by a number of drug-related arrests, local officials said it has been primarily positive to the area. The move will particularly impact the budget of the fire department, which had a contract to provide medical support for the festival.

25 years ago

March 22, 1995: The state PTA is urging legislators to reject Gov. George E. Pataki budget plan. His education budget has members of north country PTAs “concerned,” says Roberta Stillin-Dowman, director of the PTA’s Northern District. Mr. Pataki’s plan to freeze school aid and cap building and transportation aid will have a magnified effect in the north country, since a higher percentage of their budgets are funded by state aid than many downstate schools.

50 years ago

March 22, 1970: Construction on the multi-million dollar Kraft Food plant on a 23-acre site on Route 12, south of Lowville is progressing. The plant is tentatively scheduled to be in operation in early 1971 and will employ more than 200 persons. The plant is being built on property purchased from Ross Farms, Inc. The plant will manufacture cream cheese and American cheese.

75 years ago

March 22, 1945: Reservations for the Civic dinner to honor seven heroes of the battle of Bastogne are asked to be made as soon as possible, it was announced today by Ernest C. Gould, secretary of the chamber of commerce. The dinner will be held at 1 Saturday afternoon in the Hotel Woodruff.

100 years ago

March 22, 1920: Blood transfusion is believed to have saved the life of Hiram Scott of Watertown, who is receiving treatment at the Hepburn hospital in Ogdensburg. Mrs. John Williams offered blood for the transfusion and being possessed of health and strength the operation proved a success. She was a stranger to Scott up to the time the operation was performed.

125 years ago

March 22, 1895: Two gentlemen from Alexandria Bay propose to put in an electric light plant in Theresa, providing they can obtain a franchise from the mayor and aldermen.

150 years ago

March 22, 1870: Rev. Mr. Merrill, Baptist minister at Adams, baptized two twin sisters last eve in his church in that village. Mr. Merrill is a talented and earnest man, and worthy all the respect and admiration that the people of Adams bestow upon him.

The world

1765: The Stamp Act is passed, the first direct British tax on the American colonists.

1794: Congress passes laws prohibiting slave trade with foreign countries although slavery remains legal in the United States.

1834: Horace Greeley publishes New Yorker, a weekly literary and news magazine and forerunner of Harold Ross’ more successful The New Yorker.

1904: The first color photograph is published in the London Daily Illustrated Mirror.

1946: First U.S. built rocket to leave the Earth’s atmosphere reaches a 50-mile height.

1948: The United States announces a land reform plan for Korea.

1954: The London gold market reopens for the first time since 1939.

1968: President Lyndon Johnson names General William Westmoreland as Army Chief of Staff.

1972: The U.S. Senate passes the Equal Rights Amendment. The amendment fails to achieve ratification.

1974: The Viet Cong propose a new truce with the United States and South Vietnam, which includes general elections.

1990: A jury in Anchorage, Alaska, finds Captain Hazelwood not guilty in the Valdez oil spill.

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