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Wolf pups

F. Ryan Talbot, a volunteer at Wolf Park in Battle Ground, Ind., holds a wolf pup Sunday (May 9, 2010) at the New York State Zoo at Thompson Park.

10 years ago

May 10, 2010: Nine gray wolf pups were born two weeks ago at the New York State Zoo at Thompson Park to Kenai and Kaja, the zoo’s resident wolves. Their birth was part of a breeding project this year, after zoo directors nationwide expressed interest in pups. Four of the pups will go to a zoo in Seattle and the other five to Wolf Park in Battle Ground, Ind., where they will be part of a socializing research program. Visitors to the Thompson Park zoo will be able to see the four remaining wolf pups until the end of the summer.

25 years ago

May 10, 1995: Mayor Jeffrey E. Graham appears poised to run for a second term, but said he will not announce his intentions until July. Mr. Graham said he discussed with radio station WATN owner David W. Mance how a run for mayor would affect his daily radio talk show. Mr. Mance said this morning he will not ask Mr. Graham to step down from his position as host of the show, the “Hotline,” but instead will offer equal time to other candidates.

50 years ago

May 10, 1970: A Vietnam war combat veteran, asserting that he was “sick and tired of seeing youths out there demonstrating without a contrary opinion,” took counter measures Saturday by carrying out a spontaneous campaign in support of the Nixon administration as a by-play of the organized peace vigil sponsored by the Watertown Coalition for Peace.

75 years ago

May 10, 1945: A living memorial to the men of Watertown who fought in World War II is being established by the Men’s Garden club of Watertown in a plot near the State street entrance to Thompson park where Academy street and North Pinnacle Drive come together. Living memorials of this type to war heroes are being planned around the country as being more attractive and appropriate than the old fashioned monuments and tablets.

100 years ago

May 10, 1920: One of the most up-to-date and most completely equipped gymnasiums in northern New York will be provided in the remodeled building of the Young Women’s Christian Association, according to plans announced today. The gymnasium will be located on the second floor on the Franklin street side, occupying the section nearest Public Square.

125 years ago

May 10, 1895: The bicyclists on the Square are fast becoming a nuisance owing to their reprehensible habit of racing on the asphalt, no matter whether the Square be crowded with teams and pedestrians, or otherwise. The Square is not a race track.

150 years ago

May 10, 1870: The lumbermen find much inconvenience in getting down their logs from up the Oswegatchie, owing to the almost total absence of rain. The water has fallen on the rapids so as to make it necessary to break up the cribs and send the logs down singly.

The world

1773: To keep the troubled East India Company afloat, Parliament passes the Tea Act, taxing all tea in the American colonies.

1863: General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson succumbs to illness and wounds received during the Battle of Chancellorsville.

1872: Victoria Woodhull becomes first the woman nominated for U.S. president.

1928: WGY-TV in Schenectady begins regular television programming.

1994: Nelson Mandela is sworn in as South Africa’s first black president.

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