The north

10 years ago

May 23, 2011: Muscle cars, motorcycles and classic automobiles took to the streets Sunday during the first-ever 1000 Islands Classic Car Extravaganza. Hundreds of personalized cars spanning decades in age filled the Cerow Recreation Park Arena’s parking lot in Clayton. The event is sponsored by Highway Legends, a north country car, truck and motorcycle club.

25 years ago

May 23, 1996: The Frederic Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg will lend most of its collection to the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City — a part of the country that inspired the Western-motif artist. The collection will be lent from September 1996 to July 1997, which particularly suits the museum because trustees expect a major part of a construction and renovation project to be under way by fall and the museum would be closed to visitors in September.

50 years ago

May 23, 1971: The Butterfield School parents group, in a continuing effort to prevent implementation of the Board of Education’s decision to close Butterfield School and convert it into administrative offices, has carried its fight to Ewald B. Nyquist, commissioner of the state department of education. In a petition to the commissioner, the group asks that the board’s closing of the school be “nullified and set aside.”

75 years ago

May 23, 1946: The controversial question of whether the “hounds of Hounsfield” are to be licenced, was settled today by a ruling from the state attorney general. Families in the emergency housing project at Madison Barracks must obtain licences for their pets, the attorney general ordered. Residents had opposed the licencing on the grounds that the barracks was federal property and thus not subject to state licencing laws.

100 years ago

May 23, 1921: Young men attending dances in Watertown will be permitted to remove their coats with the consent of the management, it became known today. Several young men at the dance Saturday night in Odd Fellows’ temple were ordered by patrolmen to replace their coats. An officer told these men that the removal of their coats was in violation of a city ordinance. In this, he was mistaken.

125 years ago

May 23, 1896: Before the performance of last evening, the Home minstrels, headed by the band, marched around the Square. They presented a fine appearance with their plug hats, light overcoats and canes.

150 years ago

May 23, 1871: There has been quite an excitement in Adams over a case of small pox, which is said to have come up on the train from Rome. As the individual was not aware of the nature of his disease and had circulated freely about Adams, a very large number of people have been exposed. Should any one have contracted the disease, it will show itself during the present week, if not before.

The world

1533: Henry VIII’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon is declared null and void.

1618: The Thirty Years War begins.

1701: Captain William Kidd, the Scottish pirate, is hanged on the banks of the Thames.

1785: Benjamin Franklin announces his invention of bifocals.

1861: Pro-Union and pro-Confederate forces clash in western Virginia.

1862: Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson takes Front Royal, Va.

1864: Union General Ulysses Grant attempts to outflank Confederate Robert E. Lee in the Battle of North Anna, Virginia.

1934: Gangsters Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are killed by Texas Rangers.

1949: The Federal Republic of West Germany is proclaimed.

1960: Israel announces the capture of Nazi Adolf Eichmann in Argentina.

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