George H. Davis is pictured on his Theresa-Oxbow Road farm in May 1946. That month he was honored as the “No. 1 father of America” for having the largest family in the United States. Watertown Daily Times file

Looking backward

The north

10 years ago

May 26, 2011: Filming is scheduled to begin this spring on a television documentary exploring the key role Sackets Harbor, Kingston, Ontario, and surrounding areas played in the War of 1812. Kenn M. Feigelman, director of operations for Kingston-based Deep/Quest 2 Expeditions, visited this area the second week of March to sign contracts and to scout filming sites. Mr. Feigelman expects the documentary will be shown nationally.

25 years ago

May 26, 1996: New York Air Brake dedicated its relatively new building on Starbuck Avenue with an outdoor catered luncheon, speeches and factory tours for about 100 customers and Watertown-area guests. Air Brake employees moved to the 240,000-square-foot building last year, with a ribbon cutting in September for its office employees, the last contingent to move in.

50 years ago

May 26, 1971: A terse typewritten note on the door of the Urban Renewal Department office on the third floor of Watertown City Hall today marked the end of an era. “All inquiries regarding Urban Renewal matters should be referred to Room 302, office of the city manager.” The department was ordered closed out by City Manager Ronald G. Forbes.

75 years ago

May 26, 1946: For the brief space of a few hours Saturday afternoon, Theresa was in the national spotlight as a 63-year-old farmer, George N. Davis, Sr., was presented with a $100 government savings bond for being the father with the largest family in the United States. Mr. Davis’ 20 children, more than half of his 28 grandchildren, his wife and 1,200 of his fellow townspeople were on hand at the celebration, presented by the National Father’s Day committee.

100 years ago

May 26, 1921: About 250 persons attended the moving picture entertainment at Asbury Methodist Episcopal church Monday evening, when six reels of movies of a popular character were shown. The screening of the pictures did not start until after 9 as it was impossible to darken the windows. The time was filled in with singing.

125 years ago

May 26, 1896: Residents in the neighborhood have been greatly annoyed of late by a gang of rowdies, both masculine and feminine, who congregate near the corner of Polk and State street at a late hour of the night and indulge in loud, boisterous and profane language, yells and cat calls and similar manifestations, making it impossible for those living in the near vicinity to sleep.

150 years ago

May 26, 1871: Sir John McDonald, Canadian Premier and one of the Joint High Commission, with his attachés and suite, passed through Ogdensburg on Tuesday on his way to Ottawa.

The world

1961: The civil rights activist group, Freedom Ride Coordinating Committee, is established in Atlanta.

1969: Apollo 10 returns to Earth.

1977: The movie Star Wars debuts.

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