Looking backward

The north

10 years ago

May 28, 2012: Pictures of Kateri Tekakwitha hang on the walls of many Mohawk homes. Some Catholic Mohawks have prayed nightly and at every Sunday Mass for Kateri, who lived in New York’s Mohawk River Valley and near Montreal more than 300 years ago. Pope Benedict XVI will canonize Kateri in Rome this October, making her the first Native American saint in the Roman Catholic Church. It is a long time coming for many Catholic Mohawks, who believe Kateri lived a holy life in her 24 years and performed many miracles after her death.

25 years ago

May 28, 1997: The Alexandria Central School District is following the lead of other north country schools by offering a safe alternative to students who might otherwise turn to alcohol after their prom. School officials consulted other districts to plan Alexandria’s first after-prom party, which takes place Saturday night immediately after the prom at Edgewood Resort. Students are being encouraged to stay put and take part in the alcohol-free party in Edgewood’s gazebo room that will be supervised by adults.

50 years ago

May 28, 1972: Clayton drove over visiting Indian River 5 1/2-1 1/2 in Frontier golf yesterday. Perhaps of equal significance with the win is the fact that this was the first time in Frontier League golf history that a girl was allowed to compete. Kathy Angerer of Clayton tramped Robert West, winning her match with a 52.

75 years ago

May 28, 1947: New railroad tracks, beginning at the Massey street yards, and extending to Adams Center, have been installed by the St. Lawrence division, New York Central railroad. Sixteen miles of rails were replaced between Watertown and Adams Center.

100 years ago

May 28, 1922: Active steps toward raising the necessary funds for the construction of the proposed new home for the Jefferson county orphans home in upper State street will probably result from the joint meeting of the board of managers, board of trustees and county auxiliary of the orphanage.

125 years ago

May 28, 1897: A shock of earthquake was felt in Northern New York at about 10:22 last night. The shock lasted over a minute and was very manifest. It appeared to be in the shape of an undulating motion. Houses were rocked very perceptibly and dishes and loose articles were shaken to the floor. The manifestation was undoubtedly the strongest evidenced here in some years.

150 years ago

May 28, 1872: The first meeting of the Cricket Club was held on the grounds of the Club near Rutland st. last evening. It was a new thing to most, if not all of them, but notwithstanding, the boys manifested much interest, and took hold as though they meant to acquire a thorough knowledge of the game.

The world

1830: U.S. President Andrew Jackson signs the Indian Removal Act which denies Native Americans their land rights and forcibly relocates them.

1937: Volkswagen, the German automobile manufacturer, is founded.

1964: The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) is founded, with Yasser Arafat elected as its first leader

1996: U.S. President Bill Clinton’s former business partners in the Whitewater land deal, Jim McDougal and Susan McDougal, and the Governor of Arkansas, Jim Guy Tucker, are convicted of fraud.

2002: The last steel girder is removed from the original World Trade Center site. Cleanup duties officially end with closing ceremonies at Ground Zero in New York City.

2017: Former Formula One driver Takuma Sato wins his first Indianapolis 500, the first Japanese and Asian driver to do so. Double world champion Fernando Alonso retires from an engine issue in his first entry of the event.

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