Looking backward 4

Looking backward

The north

10 years ago

May 15, 2009: Canton-Potsdam Hospital has purchased the former St. Mary’s Catholic School in Potsdam for $600,000 from James E. Sheehan. The entire former elementary school building will be converted into physician offices and outpatient clinics in the near future.

25 years ago

May 15, 1994: It was nearly “Home Alone” for a 2-year-old Friday in the town of Antwerp. The little girl was found wandering alone on Route 194 about a mile from her home by Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael S. Peterson. Family members left the home in a hurry because they were late for a meeting, according to a sheriff’s department news release.

50 years ago

May 15, 1969: The Mannsville branch of Adams Agway Co-operative, Inc., will cease operation and close on May 31. He cites the severe decline in the poultry population and fewer local dairy farmers, with most of the remaining farmers purchasing feed in bulk directly from the Adams store where it is processed.

75 years ago

May 15, 1944: State park designers plan to visit the Wescott beach section, probably next week, to study the feasibility of developing the section as a state park and decide if it is to be included in the postwar program of the New York State Council of Parks, it was revealed today. The Wescott beach property, part of a farm, has long been in use as a private beach.

100 years ago

May 15, 1919: Several anonymous letters have been received by a woman in Watertown, two of which make requests for money, in one instance the amount being $25 and the other $2. The handwriting is very poor and the spelling does not honor Webster in any request. The matter has been taken up with an attorney in this city and if the writer of these notes is discovered a court action is promised.

125 years ago

May 15, 1894: This is a fish story. William Carter and Frank Carter and ladies, of Watertown, starting yesterday from Gunns Corners, went to Sacket Harbor and returned this forenoon with one hundred pounds of fish. They say there were some excellent specimens of trout among the lot.

150 years ago

May 15, 1869: The rain of Thursday night has started vegetation as if it had been touched with a magic wand.

The World


1602: English navigator Bartholomew Gosnold discovers Cape Cod.

1618: Johannes Kepler discovers his harmonics law.

1702: The War of Spanish Succession begins.

1768: By the Treaty of Versailles, France purchases Corsica from Genoa.

1795: Napoleon enters the Lombardian capital of Milan in triumph.

1820: The U.S. Congress designates the slave trade a form of piracy.

1849: Neapolitan troops enter Palermo, Sicily.

1862: The Union ironclad Monitor and the gunboat Galena fire on Confederate troops at the Battle of Drewry’s Bluff, Virginia.

1864: At the Battle of New Market, Virginia Military Institute cadets repel a Union attack.

1886: Emily Dickinson dies in Amherst, Mass., where she had lived in seclusion for the previous 24 years.

1916: U.S. Marines land in Santo Domingo to quell civil disorder.

1918: Pfc. Henry Johnson and Pfc. Needham Roberts receive the Croix de Guerre for their services in World War I. They are the first Americans to win France’s highest military medal.

1930: Ellen Church becomes the first airline stewardess.

1942: The United States begins rationing gasoline.

1958: Sputnik III is launched by the Soviet Union.

1963: The last Project Mercury space flight, carrying Gordon Cooper, is launched.

1968: U.S. Marines relieve army troops in Nhi Ha, South Vietnam after a fourteen-day battle.

1972: Gov. George Wallace is shot by Arthur Bremer in Laurel, Maryland.

1975: The merchant ship Mayaguez is recaptured from Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge.

1988: Soviets forces begin their withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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