Looking backward 3

The north

10 years ago

May 3, 2009: The winning horse in Saturday’s Kentucky Derby has a local tie. Judy Needham, the daughter of Edward and Mary Escudero of Watertown, and her husband, Philip, own the mare that sired Mine That Bird. The 31/2-year-old gelding won the race as a 50-to-1 long shot.

25 years ago

May 3, 1994: The city wants to get rid of its dog pound in Thompson Park, but Jefferson County officials, who have been asked to take over the service, aren’t interested. The Thompson Park Conservancy wants the pound closed because its presence is preventing the Thompson Park Zoo from receiving full accreditations and federal funding. And city officials believe there’s a compatibility problem with having a dog pound in the same place that is supposed to be a recreational and tourist attraction.

50 years ago

May 3, 1969: Canton village police have received complaints today that a youth was strutting up and down Main Street with a shirt made from an American flag. The police are checking with the St. Lawrence County District Attorney’s office, seeking a ruling on the legality of holding the flag-shirted youth.

75 years ago

May 3, 1944: With the slogan “Feed a Fighter in 44,” the farm labor and victory garden campaign will open with visits by officials to each school in Jefferson county during the following two weeks. It is hoped that last year’s production of 3,000 tons of food by boys and girls of the 4-H club in the county can be exceeded and that more boys and girls will assist in farm work this season.

100 years ago

May 3, 1919: Unless the North Side Improvement League is assured that something will be done to relieve the crowded school conditions of that section in the very near future, it will wage an energetic fight for the defeat of the proposed new bridge bond issue. At a meeting of the league Friday night it was charged that both the Lansing and Cooper street schools are over-crowded and unsanitary.

125 years ago

May 3, 1894: Mrs. Etta Roberts, of somewhere, who was advertised for the second time to give a public materializing seance at the Spiritual temple in Watertown last evening, was caught in a bungling attempt to trick an audience of nearly fifty people, and was exposed as a fraud. She was found outside of the cabinet in which she was supposed to remain securely imprisoned while the materialization of spirits was taking place.

150 years ago

May 3, 1869: Work will be commenced on a new Railroad Depot, back of the Woodruff House in a few days. The old one will be so enlarged and altered as to make it essentially new. The plans are by John Hose, our town architect.

The World


1865: President Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train arrives in Springfield, Ill.

1926: U.S. Marines land in Nicaragua.

1952: The first airplane lands at the geographic North Pole.

1968: After three days of battle, the U.S. Marines retake Dai Do complex in Vietnam, only to find the North Vietnamese have evacuated the area.

1971: James Earl Ray, Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassin, is caught in a jail break attempt.

1979: Margaret Thatcher becomes the first woman prime minister of Great Britain.

1982: A British submarine sinks Argentina’s only cruiser during the Falkland Islands War.

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