Looking backward 3

The north

10 years ago

May 26, 2009: Stream Global Services Inc. could add clients and jobs at its Watertown call center as major corporations return to domestic call centers. The Watertown location employs about 700 agents and support staff at 146 Arsenal St. With more contracts — and more employees — Stream would have to consider additional locations or other options for expanding.

25 years ago

May 26, 1994: The Almanzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder Association will host an open house this weekend for viewing of restoration work of the Wilder farm, Route 11 in Malone. Visitors to this site of “Farmer Boy” will view restored wide red clapboard buildings with white trim, a kitchen painted to match colors found on the original woodwork, a replastered pantry with new shelves, a new hand woven rug in the dining room, a cobbler’s bench and a replastered and painted second floor.

50 years ago

May 26, 1969: Favored by the best wishes of President Richard M. Nixon, and a sunny day, nearly 2,000 persons from both sides of the U.S.-Canadian border marched in the 18th annual International Goodwill Day Parade in Cape Vincent Saturday afternoon. The spectators included scores of American and Province of Ontario legionnaires and war veterans.

75 years ago

May 26, 1944: Tribute to the war dead in cemeteries on the Pine Camp military reservation will be paid by citizens on Memorial day as the cemeteries will be open Tuesday for visits by friends and relatives of the deceased. Citizens desiring admittance will be issued passes by military police in the various sections of the installment and will be allowed to pay their respects throughout the day.

100 years ago

May 26, 1919: The first battalion of the 63rd Infantry has been ordered to Madison Barracks, the first regular army troops to be there since 1915 when the Third Infantry left to go to the Mexican border. The battalion is at present at the Curtis Bay ordnance depot, Curtis Bay, Md., and it will arrive at the local post as soon as transportation is available.

125 years ago

May 26, 1894: There is still a large number of men out of employment in Watertown. Nearly every morning anywhere from 30 to 50 congregate on the city lot and implore Supt. William Allen to give them work. This morning, out of sympathy, he put 30 of them at work on the streets, removing the mud from them.

150 years ago

May 26, 1869: There is a woman by the name of Polly Brigham, living in the south part of Lorraine, 70 years old, who has within the last 10 months and eight days, spun 1,000 (10 notted) skeins of woolen yarn, besides doing the necessary household work for herself and husband. On the day when she was 70 years old, she spun 70 knots. Who can beat that?

The world


1647: A new law bans Catholic priests from the colony of Massachusetts. The penalty is banishment or death for a second offense.

1835: A resolution is passed in the U.S. Congress stating that Congress has no authority over state slavery laws.

1868: President Andrew Johnson is acquitted of all charges of impeachment.

1969: Apollo 10 returns to Earth.

1977: The movie Star Wars debuts.

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