Looking backward 3

The north

10 years ago

May 13, 2009: The Antwerp Town Council approved plans Monday for renovation of the 110-year-old Town Hall. The $11,000 renovation will come through a grant for the Town Court given in December by the state Justice Court Assistance Program. The grant will pay to expand the court offices, build a justice bench and purchase new office equipment and three fireproof safes for records.

25 years ago

May 13, 1994: Mountain Tree Community School, an alternative kindergarten through eighth grade program that will open in the fall, is continuing to recruit students for the first year, which starts in September. The Mountain Tree School will rent space for its first year in Merritt Hall on the Potsdam College campus but it is not affiliated with the college.

50 years ago

May 13, 1969: Philippe de Bausset, Washington correspondent for the “Paris Match,” and a descendant of the James D. LeRay de Chaumont family, has been invited to attend the county fair his ancestor founded in 1817. No special program has been arranged, but will when it is known when Mr. de Bausset will attend.

75 years ago

May 13, 1944: Police pressed their search of the person who stole the $681.64 Coca Cola company payroll from a writing desk in the post office Friday morning after the empty canvas bag that had held the money was discovered in the women’s public rest room in the city hall. Mrs. Florence Nolan, bookeeper for the Coca Cola company, reported the payroll stolen after she left it on writing desk at the Watertown National bank and returned to find it missing.

100 years ago

May 13, 1919: The local water commissioners have just finished setting out 70,000 trees at the headwaters of the Carthage water system near Indian River. The reforesting of several hundred acres belonging to the village is done to preserve the water supply, and in time to come will be a very valuable timber tract, and a revenue will be coming from the timber.

125 years ago

May 13, 1894: Illegal fishing with nets has been going on for some time past in the vicinity of Black river and perch river bays. Game Protector Joseph Northrup recently visited the suspected fishing grounds and there made a rich find. Four hoop nets valued at $70 were discovered, and they were seized and burned. The owners could not be learned.

150 years ago

May 13, 1869: Frank Leslie takes a special fancy to Watertown. Not long ago it gave some capital pictures of our churches and clergy and now it is illustrating the flood. Last week it gave the ruins of Lord’s works and this week it has a good general view of the river from the suspension bridge when the freshet was at its height.

The World


1607: English colonists land near the James River in Virginia.

1648: Margaret Jones of Plymouth is found guilty of witchcraft and is sentenced to be hanged.

1861: Britain declares its neutrality in the American Civil War.

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