The north

10 years ago

Nov. 14, 2011: Property owners in the Town of LeRay will see a 6-cent decrease in the 2012 tax rate. The first of four phases for the Eagle Ridge Apartments project between Route 11 and Goulds Corners Road has been turned over to the tax roll, adding $15 million to the town’s taxable value. The total budget for the town is up 3.3 percent from this year’s $4,773,213. The Highway Department’s spending will increase next year to offset the cost of a new dump truck capable of snowplowing and spreading salt.

25 years ago

Nov. 14, 1996: The turkey seen trotting down Massena’s Main Street is said to have been tipsy. Animal Control Officer Robert Sommerfield told police the 9-pound female turkey had been feeding on fermented grapes. The bird was stopping traffic and nearly causing accidents Tuesday and Wednesday. She will be rejoined with a flock of wild turkeys. Although the police received several complaints about the turkey, they did not charge her with disorderly conduct or public drunkenness.

50 years ago

Nov. 14, 1971: Singing “God Bless America,” five adults, Sunday evening walked out of an open forum at which Stew Albert, co-founder of the Youth International party (YIPPIES), accused the U.S. government of being engaged in hard drug traffic. More than 175 young people and a scattering of adults attended the forum at All Souls Church under the sponsorship of the Peoples Republican Caucus.

75 years ago

Nov. 14, 1946: More than $1,000,000 worth of surplus war materials will be offered for disposal at a series of sales to be held at Pine Camp within the next six weeks, the War Assets corporation announced today. Example of the goods which will be put up for sale are clothing, kitchen equipment and office equipment.

100 years ago

Nov. 14, 1921: Declaring that if the policies of the city government during the past two years are continued in the future, the people of Watertown will never want to go back to the old municipal system, Mayor Robert E. Cahill said in an address to the Zonta Club Monday evening. Partisanship has played no part in the present administration, he said, with the result that co-operation rather than dissension has been the watchword at city hall.

125 years ago

Nov. 14, 1896: The trial of the action brought by the Dexter Sulphite Pulp & Paper company against the Frontenac Paper company and others to determine the water-right privileges at Dexter still drags along in the special term. The case will not be finished until next week because Justice Hiscock will go to Syracuse to hold a special term in that city tomorrow.

150 years ago

Nov. 14, 1871: The manufacture of matches in this city has been resumed, by Messrs. Earl & Jacobs. Our citizens can still procure a superior article of domestic manufacture. Mr. Earl is an old hand at the business and Mr. Jacobs is an apt scholar. They are making them by the million now of excellent quality.

The world

1851: Herman Melville’s novel “Moby Dick” is published in New York.

1882: Billy Clairborne, a survivor of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, loses his life in a shoot-out with Buckskin Frank Leslie.

1908: Albert Einstein presents his quantum theory of light.

1921: The Cherokee Indians ask the U.S. Supreme Court to review their claim to 1 million acres of land in Texas.

1922: The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) begins the first daily radio broadcasts.

1940: German bombers devastate Coventry in Great Britain, killing 1,000 in the worst air raid of the war.

1960: New Orleans integrates two all-white schools.

1963: Iceland gets a new island when a volcano pushes its way up out of the sea five miles off the southern coast.

1979: U.S. President Jimmy Carter freezes all Iranian assets in the United States in response to Iranian militants holding more than 50 Americans hostage.

1984: The Space Shuttle Discovery’s crew rescues a second satellite.

1995: Budget standoff between Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Congress forces temporary closure of national parks and museums; federal agencies forced to operate with skeleton staff.

2001: Northern Alliance fighters take control of Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul.

2008: First G-20 economic summit convenes, in Washington, DC.

2012: Israel launches Operation Pillar of Defense against the Hamas-governed Gaza Strip.

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