The north

10 years ago

Nov. 10, 2009: Watertown’s Car-Freshner Corp. filed suit Monday in U.S. District Court, Syracuse, against Getty Images, claiming the company is licensing images on its Web site that are virtually indistinguishable from Car-Freshner’s trademarked tree designs. The Watertown company is asking a judge to order, among other things, that all unauthorized tree design images covered by the trademark be removed from Getty Images’s Web site.

25 years ago

Nov. 10, 1994: Unofficial results show at least 64 percent of Jefferson County’s registered voters turned out Tuesday. A typical November turnout is about 40 percent to 50 percent. Dissatisfaction with incumbents was thought to be one reason voters came to the polls in such large numbers. The race for governor, won by Republican George E. Pataki, drew a 63 percent turnout.

50 years ago

Nov. 10, 1969: A Cutlass Aviation Beech-craft 18, under contract with the United States Postoffice Department, took off from the Watertown Municipal Airport on schedule at 10:35 Sunday night on its first Watertown-New York mail flight. The plane, carrying first class mail from 98 northern New York postoffices, landed at Syracuse prior to going to LaGuardia Airport. The mail contract is for six-day-a-week flights.

75 years ago

Nov. 10, 1944: A renewed plea for radio technicians and radarmen has been made by the Watertown Navy Recruiting station. Those accepted for the program are enlisted as seamen with petty officer ratings being awarded to those who complete the program satisfactorily.

100 years ago

Nov. 10, 1919: Watertown paid splendid tribute to the memory of its departed soldier sons Sunday evening. Two thousand persons filled the Olympic theatre auditorium to overflowing and listened with appreciation to the music and to stirring addresses, which urged the people to take up the torch where the dead soldiers had left it and “carry on” until the moral and spiritual principles for which they fought had been accomplished.

125 years ago

Nov. 10, 1894: A small urchin took advantage of the opportunity to steal an apple in front of Baker & Fraser’s grocery this afternoon. Officer Singleton happened to see, and thinking to frighten the little scamp, yelled at him. He succeeded. The kids looked around and saw him, and, his hair raising on end, he did the quickest hundred yards dash through the arcade that has been made up to date, dropping the apple like a hot potato. At last accounts he was running yet.

150 years ago

Nov. 10, 1869: Second lecture at the High School to-morrow evening, by Prof. Bosworth. Subject — Chemistry, with experiments, Lecture commences at 71/2 oclock. All interested in the subject are invited.

The world

1911: President Taft ends a 15,000-mile, 57-day speaking tour.

1917: Forty-one U.S. suffragettes are arrested protesting outside the White House.

1938: Fascist Italy enacts anti-Semitic legislation.

1952: U.S. Supreme Court upholds the decision barring segregation on interstate railways.

1962: Eleanor Roosevelt is buried, she had died three days earlier.

1969: The PBS children’s program Sesame Street debuts.

1971: Two women are tarred and feathered in Belfast for dating British soldiers, while in Londonderry, Northern Ireland a Catholic girl is also tarred and feathered for her intention of marrying a British soldier.

1986: President Ronald Reagan refuses to reveal details of the Iran arms sale.

1989: German citizens begin tearing down the Berlin Wall.

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