Looking backward

The north

10 years ago

Oct. 21, 2011: Krog Corp. and Hart Hotels unveiled Thursday their vision for a five-story, “world-class” luxury hotel on Clayton’s Frink site. Construction is slated to begin as soon as fall 2012 if the Buffalo-based partners can finance the $35 million project to build a 120- to 140-room four-star hotel by then. Based on a market study done for the site, Krog projects that the hotel will generate $11 million in revenue annually and create at least 90 jobs.

25 years ago

Oct. 21, 1996: A predawn fire leveled half of Willowbrook Golf Club in Pamelia on Saturday but spared the golfing season. The golf cart storage building and kitchen survived, and the course will remain open through the end of the season, management said. But the pro shop and dining room were reduced to piles of ashes and metal skeletons of chairs and carts. No injuries were reported.

50 years ago

Oct. 21, 1971: A. Barton Hepburn Hospital bid $500 for the old Madill Elementary School at auction Wednesday at Ogdensburg city hall. The school will be demolished in 90 days and the bell and “1856” cornerstone will be removed by the bidder. The hospital will use the site for parking.

75 years ago

Oct. 21, 1946: Edward J. Noble, summer resident of Alexandria Bay and American Broadcasting company head, has contributed $100 towards the John B. Lyman post, American Legion, building fund, it was disclosed by officers of the post. The building should be completed by Nov. 15.

100 years ago

Oct. 21, 1921: Pre-war popularity of the German language among the pupils of the Watertown High school has lost its foothold in favor of French and Latin. There is not a pupil in the local school who is studying the Teutonic language. Principal Gary M. Jones said that if enough pupils wanted to take German that classes would be formed in it because now there is no objection to teaching it.

125 years ago

Oct. 21, 1896: Superintendent Smith, of the Street Railway company, has instructed the motormen to slow up when coming down State street, owing to the leaves and slippery rails.

150 years ago

Oct. 21, 1871: Two men named Whitten and Hapgood were arrested at Barnes Corners, last week, for stealing a horse, buggy and robes from a gentleman at Malone.

The world

1872: The U.S. Naval Academy admits John H. Conyers, the first African American to be accepted.

1879: After 14 months of testing, Thomas Edison first demonstrates his electric lamp, hoping to one day compete with gaslight.

1904: Panamanians clash with U.S. Marines in Panama in a brief uprising.

1917: The first U.S. troops enter the front lines at Sommerviller under French command.

1939: As war heats up with Germany, the British war cabinet holds its first meeting in the underground war room in London.

1940: Ernest Hemingway’s novel For Whom the Bell Tolls is published.

1942: Eight American and British officers land from a submarine on an Algerian beach to take measure of Vichy French to the Operation Torch landings.

1950: North Korean Premier Kim Il-Sung establishes a new capital at Sinuiju on the Yalu River opposite the Chinese City of Antung.

1959: The Guggenheim Museum, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, opens in Manhattan.

1961: Bob Dylan records his first album in a single day at a cost of $400.

1967: The “March on the Pentagon,” protesting American involvement in Vietnam , draws 50,000 protesters.

1979: Israel’s Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan resigns over disagreements with Prime Minister Menachem Begin over policies related to the Palestinians.

1983: The United States sends a ten-ship task force to Grenada.

1994: North Korea and the U.S. sign an agreement requiring North Korea to halt its nuclear weapons program.

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