The north

10 years ago

Oct. 31, 2011: Goundbreaking will be held Wednesday to start what is expected to be an 18-month project to expand the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino. That $75 million expansion will include a new 150-room hotel and relocation of the Mohawk Bingo Palace, casino General Manager Patrick J. Bassney said Thursday during the Greater Massena Chamber of Commerce’s business after-hours event at the casino. The addition of the hotel alone is expected to bring 40 new jobs to the area.

25 years ago

Oct. 31, 1996: If the Watertown City Council approves, a hardware store owner will buy the former fire station at 1336 Washington St. Michael S. Stratton, owner of Stratton Hardware Limited in the Watertown Shopping Plaza adjacent to the station, made the winning bid of $115,000 for the property at an auction this morning in City Council chambers. Mr. Stratton said that if his bid is accepted, he may move his hardware store into the building, giving him about three times as much floor space as he has in the plaza.

50 years ago

Oct. 31, 1971: City Detective Charles Kubinki, acting under the direction of Dist. Atty. William J. McClusky, Thursday night confiscated a film entitled “Together” from the Town Theater, 56 Public Square, on grounds of obscenity. The film, billed as “a different kind of love story,” was removed by the detective to police headquarters. At least one person will be arrested for possessing and showing an obscene movie, a Class A misdemeanor.

75 years ago

Oct. 31, 1946: One of the worst fires in the history of Ogdensburg swept through 17 establishments in the business section early today, causing one death, three injuries and an estimated $500,000 in property damage. The blaze raced through a large portion of the north side of the 100-block on Ford street and into the west side of the 200-block of Isabella street before an army of fire-fighters from six departments gained control about 6 this morning.

100 years ago

Oct. 31, 1921: The work of securing the bronze memorial tablet to the Jefferson county men and women who gave their lives in the service during the great war, in place on the front of the county building in Arsenal street, was commenced this morning. It will be fastened in the space below the two front windows of the office of the country treasurer.

125 years ago

Oct. 31, 1896: Tonight will bring the closing scenes locally, in the great campaign of 1896, when both parties will hold rallies and speeches will be made on behalf of the candidates and causes. The campaign clubs of the city with bands will parade the streets.

150 years ago

Oct. 31, 1871: The Agricultural and Watertown Fire Insurance Companies received during one day last week 531 applications for insurance.

The world

1517: Martin Luther nails his 95 Theses to the door of the church at Wittenberg in Germany. Luther’s theories and writings inaugurate Protestantism, shattering the external structure of the medieval church and at the same time reviving the religious consciousness of Europe.

1838: A mob of about 200 attacks a Mormon camp in Missouri, killing 20 men, women and children.

1952: The United States explodes the first hydrogen bomb at Eniwetok Atoll in the Pacific.

1998: Iraq announces it will no longer cooperate with United Nations weapons inspectors.

1999: EgyptAir Flight 990 crashes into Atlantic Ocean killing all 217 people on board.

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