The north

10 years ago

Oct. 4, 2010: The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne is one of nearly 80 groups and organizations involved in trying to halt a shipment of nuclear waste through the St. Lawrence Seaway. A two-day public hearing about the shipment closed at the end of last month, ushering in a month of waiting as the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission decides whether it should allow 16 decommissioned 100-ton radioactive steam generators to pass through the Great Lakes and the Seaway on their way to a recycling plant to Sweden.

25 years ago

Oct. 4, 1995: The proposed 2,000-seat Thousand Islands Bingo Hall that was to be built adjacent to Bonnie Castle Resort in Alexandria Bay is dead. Because the Onyota’a:ka Council of Tribal Chiefs is not a recognized Indian tribe, the transfer of property from Bonnie Castle owner Donald E. Cole to the tribe is illegal, state Supreme Court Judge Hugh A. Gilbert ruled this morning. Non-Indian bingo operations are limited by state law to charity games with limited prizes.

50 years ago

Oct. 4, 1970: The Howard G. Sackett Educational Center at Glenfield was dedicated Sunday afternoon with 200 persons attending. The center has a capacity of 620 pupils and offers occupational education, special education, data processing, audio visual and video, reading and resource center, shared teachers and graphics.

75 years ago

Oct. 4, 1945: A. E. Engel of the United Ststers Geological Survey was guest speaker at the regular meeting of the Gouverneur Luncheon Club. “Quartz, Its Use in Radio,” was the topic of Mr. Engel who explained that oscillation plates cut from large quartz crystals are used in radio to secure frequency control and enable listeners to tune out unwanted frequencies.

100 years ago

Oct. 4, 1920: Mrs. Mattie Baxter of Calcium, died this morning of injuries sustained twelve years ago when she was badly burned by an X-ray machine. The manipulator of the machine either was unskilled or the machine itself failed to function properly, and Mrs. Baxter was terribly burned, the socket being burned out of her right hip. She never recovered.

125 years ago

Oct. 4, 1895: An enterprising farmer near Gouverneur has been victimizing the people of that village by selling what purported to be jerked venison. Nearly everyone bought some at a handsome price, and now it appears that the “jerked venison” was nothing more or less than good, healthy bull meat, which had been properly doctored.

150 years ago

Oct. 4, 1870: On Saturday, Oct. 1st, the Evans Mills Cheese Factory Co. sold their entire stock of cheese, consisting of about 1800 boxes, including their October make, for 14c per lb.

The world

1874: Kiowa leader Satanta, known as “the Orator of the Plains,” surrenders in Darlington, Texas. He is later sent to the state penitentiary, where he commits suicide October 11, 1878.

1905: Orville Wright pilots the first flight longer than 30 minutes. The flight lasted 33 minutes, 17 seconds and covered 21 miles.

1927: Gutzon Borglum begins sculpting the heads of four U.S. presidents on Mount Rushmore.

1965: Pope Paul VI arrives in New York, the first Pope ever to visit the U.S. and the Western hemisphere.

1985: Free Software Foundation founded to promote universal freedom to create, distribute and modify computer software.

1992: Mozambique’s 16-year civil war ends with the Rome General Peace Accords.

1993: Russia’s constitutional crisis over President Boris Yeltsin’s attempts to dissolve the legislature: the army violently arrests civilian protesters occupying government buildings.

2004: SpaceShipOne, which had achieved the first privately funded human space flight on June 21, wins the Ansari X Prize for the first non-government organization to successfully launch a reusable manned spacecraft into space.

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