The north

10 years ago

Sept. 12, 2011: Fort Drum will cull more than 100 civilian positions from its payroll in the next fiscal year. The installation will have to figure out how to work with fewer resources, according to a discussion Thursday during a Fort Drum Regional Liaison Organization meeting at Hays Hall. Some of the positions being cut are term and temporary positions that will not be renewed.

25 years ago

Sept. 12, 1996: The Wilna town board wants more information before moving ahead with a proposal to allow the village of Carthage to annex Carthage Arms Apartments. Both the town and village need to hold public hearings before agreeing to village annexation of the 40-apartment complex at 21246 Oxford St. The site is an island of property that is surrounded by the village. Bringing the complex into the village would allow village police to patrol the site and allow the complex to hook into village water and sewer services.

50 years ago

Sept. 12, 1971: It will be business as usual for liquor stores and bars in New York State Tuesday even though it is a primary election day. As of May 11 of this year, the section in the ABC law prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages on a general or primary election day was amended to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages.

75 years ago

Sept. 12, 1946: The army air forces’ caravan which has been on tour in New York state, arrived in Watertown today to spend three days showing air force equipment. Manned by a personnel of 50 men, the caravan has on display a total of 18 units which include two aircraft engines, captures enemy equipment, a mobile weather station, a buzz bomb (American variety), a parachute van, and four walkie-talkies.

100 years ago

Sept. 12, 1921: Aleck Papayanakos, proprietor of the Olympic, Palace and Antique theatres, was unable to say today whether the Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle pictures that have been booked will be canceled. Four five-reel pictures were engaged for the Olympic theater long before Arbuckle was charged with the murder of Virginia Rappe. Theatre managers in many of the cities are canceling their bookings.

125 years ago

Sept. 12, 1896: F. M. Blazier, proprietor of the Continental Inn in Adams, revived a telegram yesterday from the New York parties that they would be in Adams next week to close the bargain for the hotel. This hotel seems to be gaining in favor, as already the patronage has largely increased. Yesterday there were 40 guests for dinner.

150 years ago

Sept. 12, 1871: The inhabitants of School District No. 4 in Philadelphia have built a new school house this season. Nearly all of the school houses in that town are in poor condition, especially in winter. May the people of those districts accept the example set them and go to work at once to provide suitable places for their children to procure an education.

The world

1609: Henry Hudson sails into what is now New York Harbor aboard his sloop Half Moon.

1786: Despite his failed efforts to suppress the American Revolution, Lord Cornwallis is appointed governor general of India.

1919: Adolf Hitler joins German Worker’s Party.

1940: The Lascaux Caves in France, with their prehistoric wall paintings, are discovered.

1944: American troops fight their way into Germany.

1990: East and West Germany, along with the UK, US and USSR—the Allied nations that had occupied post-WWII Germany—sign the final settlement for reunification of Germany.

1992: Space Shuttle Endeavor takes off on NASA’s 50th shuttle mission; its crew includes the first African-American woman in space, the first married couple, and the first Japanese citizen to fly in a US spacecraft.

2003: UN lifts sanctions against Libya in exchange for that country accepting responsibility for the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 in 1988 and paying recompense to victims’ families.

2007: Joseph Estrada, former president of the Philippines, is convicted of plunder.

2011: In New York City, the 9/11 Memorial Museum opens to the public.

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