The north

10 years ago

Sept. 13, 2010: The St. Regis Mohawk tribe recently was awarded a $10.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to extend broadband Internet to the reservation. The award, announced late last week, will link the reservation to nearly 70 miles of fiber-optic cables of other networks funded by the department through the federal stimulus program.

25 years ago

Sept. 13, 1995: A state-mandated environmental review process was set in motion Tuesday for plans to expand the size and scope of the regional landfill in the town of Rodman. The Development Authority of the North Country, which owns the landfill, is proposing to pile garbage higher at the site and to accept sludge and petroleum-contaminated soils for disposal from outside Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties.

50 years ago

Sept. 13, 1970: A strike by the Syracuse-based insulators’ union, which had been in effect for more than ten weeks and had slowed work on the interior of the Long Falls apartments in Carthage to a crawl, was settled Saturday. With the end of the strike, work on the interior walls of the Federal Housing project for the elderly will resume.

75 years ago

Sept. 13, 1945: “Doc” Nichol, member of Walt Disney’s movie staff who provided the birdcalls and whistling for those popular films, “Snow White” and “Bambi,” entertained members of the Carthage Rotary club at their weekly meeting Tuesday. “Doc” Nichol gave a few sidelights of his U.S.O. tours overseas with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby and gave the Rotarians some samples of his whistling.

100 years ago

Sept. 13, 1920: Lee H. Williams, of Woodville, admitted today in city court that he was speeding his seven-passenger Overland automobile in Coffeen street Wednesday afternoon. He was charged by Motorcycle Patrolman Henry G. Denner at going 30 miles an hour on the Coffeen street hill. The officer says that he followed Williams from the fairgrounds to the top of the hill and at one time Williams reached 32 miles an hour.

125 years ago

Sept. 13, 1895: A fine specimen of iron work in the shape of drive and foot gateways has been placed at the entrance to Oakwood cemetery in Theresa. It is an ornament to that spot and was procured through H. A. Kissel.

150 years ago

Sept. 13, 1870: To-morrow, the Catholics of Watertown are to dedicate their new Catholic Calvary Cemetery, located in a little grove near the river, about two miles above the city, and a short distance this side of Huntingtonville. There will be mass at the Church on Massey street, at nine o’clock. This Cemetery can certainly be made beautiful, as its location is a very desirable one — just the right distance from the city, and in a quiet and somewhat secluded place.

The world

1789: Guardsmen in Orleans, France, open fire on rioters trying to loot bakeries, killing 90.

1846: General Winfield Scott takes Chapultepec, removing the last obstacle to U.S. troops moving on Mexico City.

1862: Union troops in Frederick, Md., discover General Robert E. Lee’s attack plans for the invasion of Maryland wrapped around a pack of cigars. They give the plans to General George B. McClellan who sends the Army of the Potomac to confront Lee but only after a delay of more than half a day.

1961: An unmanned Mercury capsule is orbited and recovered by NASA in a test.

1988: Hurricane Gilbert becomes the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere, based on barometric pressure. Hurricane Wilma will break that record in 2005.

2007: UN adopts non-binding Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

2008: Hurricane Ike makes landfall in Texas; it had already been the most costly storm in Cuba’s history and becomes the third costliest in the US.

2008: Five synchronized bomb blasts occur in crowded locations of Delhi, India, killing at least 30 people and injuring more than 100; four other bombs are defused.

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