Looking backward

The north

10 years ago

Sept. 15, 2011: An Amherst developer, is “very interested” in building a 144-unit apartment complex just outside the village of Potsdam. While the complex would be outside village boundaries, developers said they would like access to the village’s water and sewer lines, which sit just 500 feet away. But according to village law, a business must be within village boundaries, or be annexed into the village, to get access to such services.

25 years ago

Sept. 15, 1996: Cleanup of a toxic scrap yard in the city of Watertown will begin within two weeks, once trees and brush have been cleared from the four-acre lot abandoned by the owner in 1984. A New Jersey contractor will be paid about $1.3 million by the state to excavate and remove more than 500 tons of contaminated soil from the Abe Cooper Surplus Co. site on Factory Street.

50 years ago

Sept. 15, 1971: A telethon conducted Friday night in Lowville on the cable television station for funds for lights for the fairgrounds netted more than $4,000. Ed Watkins was master of ceremonies and was aided by Dan Strouse, softball coach, players and cheerleaders. Pledges were also received to have Fred A. Zamperetti shave off his mustache, which was accomplished on camera.

75 years ago

Sept. 15, 1946: Mrs. Henry C. Purcell of Chaumont, who on Friday completed her month in New York city as a guest of the Columbia Broadcasting System and appeared thrice weekly on the “Cinderella Incorporated” radio program, placed second as the “Cinderella” who improved the most during the stay. As a result, Mrs. Purcell received five and a quarter tons of turkey feed, a General Electric home freezing unit and bathroom scales.

100 years ago

Sept. 15, 1921: The buck fawn reported to be running in the woods near South Pond and which it was said might be secured for the City park zoo, will not be taken for the zoo. The state conservation commission stated that the capture of deer by private parties for use in zoos or parks is not permissible.

125 years ago

Sept. 15, 1896: R. A. Gonyea, foreman of the storeroom in the Babcock Buggy Works, and a well-known dog fancier, has received from J. E. Buckley, a mounted policeman in Dayton, O., a Rip Rap pointer dog of the pedigree stock which is on exhibition at different bench shows in the country. Mr. Buckley was formerly a barber here.

150 years ago

Sept. 15, 1871: There can scarcely be a more pleasing diversion to ladies of artistic taste than in the arrangement of the richly tinted leaves and grasses of autumn into bouquets and fanciful ornaments. The season for procuring these beautiful specimens is fast approaching, when this attractive amusement will, doubtless, be largely engaged in.

The world

1959: Nikita Khrushchev becomes first Soviet leader to visit the US.

1961: Hurricane Carla comes ashore in Texas, the second-most powerful ever to make landfall in that state.

1963: Four young African-American girls are killed by the bombing of a church in Birmingham, Alabama.

1966: U.S. President Lyndon Johnson urges Congress to adopt gun control legislation in the wake of Charles Whitman’s sniper attack from the University of Texas’s Texas Tower; in all, Whitman shot and killed 15 people before being shot dead himself by an Austin police officer.

1968: The USSR launches Zond 5, which becomes the first spaceship to orbit the moon and reenter Earth’s atmosphere.

1971: The environmental group Greenpeace is founded.

1981: Sandra Day O’Connor is unanimously approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee to become the first female justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.

1983: Menachem Begin resigns as premier of Israel.

1990: France announces it will send 4,000 troops to join those of other nations assembling in the Persian Gulf to protect Saudi Arabia and force Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein to withdraw troops from occupied Kuwait.

1998: MCI WorldCom begins operations after a landmark merger between World Com and MCI Communications.

2004: National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman announces a lockout of the players union.

2008: The largest Chapter 11 bankruptcy in U.S. history is filed by Lehman Brothers financial services firm.

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