The north

10 years ago

Sept. 5, 2011: The Massena Electricity Department is installing a solar panel at the east end of its building, 81 E. Hatfield St., in conjunction with a New York Power Authority program designed to promote solar power. Once installed, the panel will join seven other solar panels already installed in and around Massena, with two more slated to be built and installed before the end of this year.

25 years ago

Sept. 5, 1996: The installation of a new traffic signal system throughout Watertown is finished, but it may be December before motorists see the results of the $1 million upgrade. Computerization of the system, which will allow motorists to travel through a series of green lights without stopping, has yet to be programmed through all the lights. The electric department will “test the waters” with some of the lights on Public Square between 7 and 9 a.m.

50 years ago

Sept. 5, 1971: How many youths who grow up in Saranac Lake become nationally syndicated cartoonists at the age of 22? To date, only one had: Garretson (Garry) B. Trudeau, author and artist of “Doonesbury.” The strip released last October, appears daily in more than 100 newspapers.

75 years ago

Sept. 5, 1946: The shortage of good school teachers will become extremely critical within the next three years, it was said yesterday by Scott L. Brown, superintendent of Gouverneur schools. Mr. Brown said that the effects of the teacher shortage will be felt as soon as those children born during 1941, 1942 and 1943 begin going to school. The increased birth rate of the past six years will tax the educational facilities of the country, he said.

100 years ago

Sept. 5, 1921: It will cost $100 to change the wording on the electric welcome sign, which the city has maintained for some years over the Woodruff hotel archway leading to the New York Central station. City Manager C. A. Bingham declared that the word “welcome” on the sign is superfluous and suggested that new wording “Watertown, Hub of the North,” “Water Power City,” or something of that nature be employed instead of “Watertown Welcomes You.”

125 years ago

Sept. 5, 1896: This, the last day of the firemen’s convention, was one of the most beautiful days ever known in Carthage. The crowds came from all directions and the country roads were lined with conveyances bringing people to the village. The sidewalks were full, the streets were full, and some men were full.

150 years ago

Sept. 5, 1871: The special train on the new railroad arrived from Carthage at precisely nine o’clock this morning with one passenger coach and a number of platform cars, laden with people bound for the International Horse Fair. It was a novel sight to see the Cathagenians coming into Watertown by rail.

The world

1664: After days of negotiation, the Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam surrenders to the British, who will rename it New York.

1666: The Fire of London is extinguished after two days.

1816: Louis XVIII of France dissolves the chamber of deputies, which has been challenging his authority.

1867: The first shipment of cattle leaves Abilene, Kan., on a Union Pacific train headed to Chicago.

1870: Author Victor Hugo returns to Paris from the Isle of Guernsey where he had lived in exile for almost 20 years.

1877: The great Sioux warrior Crazy Horse is fatally bayoneted at age 36 by a soldier at Fort Robinson, Neb.

1910: Marie Curie demonstrates the transformation of radium ore to metal at the Academy of Sciences in France.

1958: Martin Luther King Jr. is arrested in an Alabama protest for loitering and fined $14 for refusing to obey police.

1977: Voyager 1 space probe launched.

1977: Hanns-Martin Schleyer, a German business executive who headed to powerful organization and had been an SS officer during WW2, is abducted by the left-wing extremist group Red Army Faction, who execute him on Oct. 18.

1978: Israel’s Menachem Begin and Egypt’s Anwar Sadat begin discussions on a peace process, at Camp David, Md.

1980: World’s longest tunnel opens; Switzerland’s St. Gotthard Tunnel stretches 10.14 miles (16.224 km) from Goschenen to Airolo.

1984: Space Shuttle Discovery lands afters its maiden voyage.

1996: Hurricane Fran comes ashore near Cape Fear, N.C. It will kill 27 people and cause more than $3 billion in damage.

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