In 1901 President William McKinley is shot while attending a reception at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo by 28-year-old anarchist Leon Czolgosz. McKinley dies eight days later, the third American president assassinated.

Looking backward

The north

10 years ago

Sept. 6, 2009: The Watertown City Council is expected to vote Tuesday night on plans to construct two Marriott-brand hotels and a restaurant along Gaffney Drive. Those hotels, a four-story, Towne Plaza Suites Hotel and an adjacent three-story, Fairfield Inn, will sit on a 7-acre plot purchased from Jefferson Hostel, a holding company of the nonprofit Jefferson Rehabilitation Corp.

25 years ago

Sept. 6, 1994: A Montreal-based T-shirt company has opened a manufacturing center in Malone and is expected to employ about 250 people within three years. The Canadian active-wear firm Gildan opened Malone Manufacturing Inc. in the former Kmart Plaza earlier this summer and is expected to grow into one of Franklin County’s largest industries. Malone Manufacturing will produce 60,000 shirts per week for distribution in the United States, officials said.

50 years ago

Sept. 6, 1969: A “Molotov cocktail” thrown from an automobile in front of 423 Arsenal St. was reported to city firemen at 8:35 Friday night. Company One extinguished the fire and swept glass fragments from the highway.

75 years ago

Sept. 6, 1944: Watertown residents can look for lower fire insurance rates after the war, based upon the decision of the city council at an executive session Tuesday night to erect a new fire station in the third ward, almost on the fourth ward line at Franklin street. The new station will be constructed as a postwar project and will be of the bungalow type.

100 years ago

Sept. 6, 1919: Duck hunting this fall is going to be a pretty costly sport, particularly for those whose marksmanship is none too good. It’s all a part of the high cost of living for the shells that once cost as low as 85 cents for a box of 25 are now selling at from $1.35 for the nitro clubs to as high as $1.65 for the arrows.

125 years ago

Sept. 6, 1894: There is a beautiful specimen of the Adirondack deer in the window of the Arsenal street tobacconist, Charles A. Marrian.

150 years ago

Sept. 6, 1869: Surgeon’s Examinations — C. M. Johnson, requests us to say that he will be in Watertown on Saturday of this week, to examine soldiers, deeming themselves entitled to pensions.

The world

1522: One of the five ships that set out in Ferdinand Magellan’s trip around the world makes it back to Spain. Only 15 of the original 265 men that set out survived. Magellan was killed by natives in the Philippines.

1847: Henry David Thoreau leaves Walden Pond and moves back into town, to Concord, Mass.

1861: Union General Ulysses S. Grant’s forces capture Paducah, Kentucky from Confederate forces.

1870: The last British troops to serve in Austria are withdrawn.

1907: The luxury liner Lusitania leaves London for New York on her maiden voyage.

1918: The German Army begins a general retreat across the Aisne, with British troops in pursuit.

1936: Aviator Beryl Markham flies the first east-to-west solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

1937: The Soviet Union accuses Italy of torpedoing two Russian ships in the Mediterranean.

1941: Germany announces that all Jews living in the country will have to begin wearing a Star of David.

1943: The United States asks the Chinese Nationals to join with the Communists to present a common front to the Japanese.

1953: The last American and Korean prisoners are exchanged in Operation Big Switch, the last official act of the Korean War.

1972: The world learns an earlier announcement that all Israeli athletes taken hostage at the Munich Olympics had been rescued was erroneous; all had been killed by their captors from the Black September terrorist group; all but 3 terrorists also died in shootout around midnight.

1976: A Soviet pilot lands his MIG-25 in Tokyo and asks for political asylum in the United States.

1991: Leningrad, second-largest city in the USSR, is changed to Saint Petersburg, which had been the city’s name prior to 1924.

1991: USSR officially recognizes independence for the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

1995: Baltimore Orioles’ Cal Ripken Jr. plays in his 2,131st consecutive game, breaking a 56-year MLB record held by Lou Gehrig; in 2007 fans voted this achievement the most memorable moment in MLB history.

1997: Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales: over 1 million people line London’s streets to honor her and 2.5 billion watched the event on TV.

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