Like millions of women before me, I spent most of my life struggling with body-image issues. Countless precious years consumed by diets, worries about weight and after it all, my body shape has pretty much stayed the same. My physical health is great, but it has taken me until my 40s to star… Read More ⇒

As we celebrated my granddaughter’s third birthday this summer, I made the following rough calculation: I’d trekked from my home in New Jersey to her New York City apartment roughly 150 times to provide once-a-week day care, plus other times as needed. Read More ⇒

How you focus on fitness within the routine of life at home doesn’t always translate well to the reality of travel. You’re out of your element on the road, faced with new stresses and responsibilities, away from your usual gear, running route, classes or gym membership. Read More ⇒

LEBANON, Va. — At her very worst, Amber Wood was so desperate for the opioid high she had a dentist pull a tooth — and not even a particularly bad tooth, just one of those molars she didn’t think she’d need as much as she needed a pill. The dentist, she said, gave her a prescription for the … Read More ⇒

Shakespeare wisely recognized that sleep “knits up the ravell’d sleave of care” and relieves life’s physical and emotional pains. Alas, this “chief nourisher in life’s feast,” as he called it, often eludes millions of people who suffer from insomnia. Desperate to fall asleep or fall back to … Read More ⇒

A couple of months ago, Sonsoles Gonzalez, a former Procter & Gamble Co. excutive, introduced a line of hair-care products she had been working on for several years. The upscale collection, which includes shampoos, hair masks and conditioners, comes packaged in trim boxes of marine blue … Read More ⇒