Details for At a special meeting of the Town Board for the


At a special meeting of the Town Board for the town of Schroeppel held the 30"� day of July, 2019 at the Schroeppel Town Hall. 69 County Route 57A Schroeppel, New York. RESOLUTION ADOPTING THE PROPOSED FORMATION OF THE TOWN OF SCHROEPPEL BANKRUPT ROAD WATER DISTRICT PURSUANT TO ARTICLE 12-A, SECTION 209-c OF THE TOWN LAW OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK WHEREAS , the Town Board for the 1 own of Schroeppel, has considered the formation of a water district in the Town of Schroeppel to he known as the Town of Schroeppel Bankrupt Road Water District to include portions of County Route 46/Bankrupt Road. Hawthorne Road. County Route 57. County Route 6..and other local side streets: and WHEREAS , the Town Board believes it in the best interest of the residents within the proposed district of the Town to form said water district; and WHEREAS , to further consider a proposed water district to be known as the Town of Schroeppel Bankrupt Road Water District, and pursuant to Article 12-A of the Town Law of the State of New York, the Town Board directed Capital Consultants Architecture and Engineering (c2ae). of 301 Plainfield Road. Suite 270. Syracuse. New York 13212 to prepare a Map. Plan and Report of the proposed water district; and WHEREAS , said Map. Plan and Report dated May 2019. was filed with the Town Clerk for the I'ow'n of Schroeppel the 23rd day of May, 2019; and WHEREAS , this Board, pursuant to the requirements of Article 12-A and pursuant to Section 206-a of the Tow n Law of the State of New York, held a public notice, duly advertised, on July 30. 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at the Town Hall, Phoenix, New York, and heard all interested persons pertaining to the proposed Town of Schroeppel Bankrupt Road Water District; and WHEREAS , the Town Board proposes to establish the water district, subject to mandatory referendum, and charge the cost for same under the authority of Section 206-a


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