Details for Legal Notice Town of Watertown Fire District Resolution Subject to

Legal Notice Town of Watertown Fire District Resolution Subject to Permissive Referendum. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN of Resolution # 2019-006 by the Town of Watertown Board of Fire District Commissioners to expend up to $40,000 from the Building Capital Reserve Account, approved by unanimous vote, at the special Board meeting on October 9, 2019 and, WHEREAS, pursuant to General Municipal Law �6�g, the Town of Watertown Fire District, Town of Watertown, County of Jefferson, State of New York, did establish the "Building Capital Reserve Fund", a non~specific capital reserve fund to finance the cost of building construction, building repair, or building enhancement of the Town of Watertown Fire District; and, WHEREAS, the Town of Watertown Fire District has determined that a Sign is needed on Fire Station #1 and the Doors and Windows have deteriorated and need replacing, and that Heating and air conditioning unites are needed as current units are not environmentally efficient and in need of replacing, and , has accepted proposals for the acquisition and installation of the above named project for Station # 1: NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Town of Watertown Fire District is hereby; authorized to expend from the "Building Capital Reserve Fund" an amount not exceeding $40,000 for the purchase and complete installation of the above named projects: and IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution and this expenditure is subject to a permissive referendum. Dated: October 9, 2019 David Clement, Secretary BOARD OF FIRE COMMISSIONERS TOWN OF WATERTOWN FIRE DISTRICT 22825 CO RT 67 WATERTOWN, NEW YORK 13601


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