Details for Public Notice 2020 Bridge Maintenance Project Identification Number (PIN)

Public Notice 2020 Bridge Maintenance Project Identification Number (PIN) 780633 Bridge Identification Number (BIN) 1070522 by the New York State Department of Transportation A 2020 bridge maintenance project is proposed for the bridge structure along NYS Route 68, aka the Downtown Arterial Highway, that merges onto Crescent Street, in the City of Ogdensburg in St. Lawrence County. The bridge spans the Oswegatchie River. The project will temporarily use a portion of open space used as park along the northern shoreline, entirely within the New York State Department of Transportation right-of-way, to access the bridge construction location. The maintenance activities involve placing of clean stone fill around one pier closest to the northern shoreline and will require an accessway through the park area. The project may require a temporary causeway between the shoreline and the bridge pier. The Maple City Trail runs along the northern shoreline and a detour will redirect this trail around the bridge construction site. Trees in the immediate project location may be removed or trimmed, and replaced in-kind. Any disturbance to the park will be minimized and avoided to the greatest extent practicable, and the park area and Maple City Trail will be restored. This project invokes Section 4(f) of 49 U.S.C. 303(c) since the open space is used as a public park. The project will not adversely affect the activities, features, and attributes of the park area and a de minimis (or minimal) impact finding is anticipated by the Federal Highway Administration. Maps, drawings and other pertinent information developed by the New York State Department of Transportation are available for public inspection and copying at the office of the Regional Director, New York State Department of Transportation: Steven G. Kokkoris, P.E. Regional Director NYSDOT 9th Floor � Dulles State Office Building 317 Washington Street Watertow


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