Q: What does it mean to buy a certified car? When I got my used 2018 Toyota Camry SE nearly a year ago, they played up the certified car bit, but I found out later that it does not mean anything. I feel this dealer is doing an injustice to their customers. I tried to get that answer from the… Read More ⇒

A new biodegradable drinking straw, called a phade straw, is appearing in Dunkin’ stores in the U.S. Its manufacturer, WinCup says it’s meant to be composted at home or in an industrial facility. But it also knows you might not compost it at all — and that’s OK. Read More ⇒

COVID-19 shaped the face of 2020, delivering shockwaves through the economy and sending much of the American workforce into sudden unemployment. Record-breaking hurricane and wildfire seasons have further impacted millions of people’s daily lives and finances across the country. While there … Read More ⇒