Dexter’s Castro named Zone 3 Trooper of the Year

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WATERTOWN — State police recently named Felix P. Castro the Outstanding Trooper of the Year in Watertown’s Zone 3.

Mr. Castro, of Dexter, who has been a trooper for more than seven years in Watertown’s Troop D, Zone 3, was notified in April that he had won the honor.

Mr. Castro is well liked, not only among state police, but among local and county law enforcement, highlighted by the aid he rendered to fellow Trooper Joel R. Davis on July 9, 2017. Mr. Davis had responded to a domestic dispute in Theresa when he was shot in the heart by a man who had just shot his wife and another person. Mr. Castro responded to the scene that night and found Mr. Davis in the ditch. He performed CPR at the scene and in the ambulance all the way to Samaritan Medical Center.

Mr. Davis likely didn’t survive for many seconds after being shot, but Mr. Castro did everything he could do to help anyway. He later testified at the trial of the shooter.

“I kept thinking about how Castro was doing on the stand,” said Mr. Davis’ brother, Josh. “Castro is such a good man.”

Mr. Castro was a full-time paramedic for Guilfoyle Ambulance Services before becoming a state trooper. He was a little late to the game, joining state police in his mid-30s.

“When I started EMS, I saw the interaction with law enforcement,” he said. “With city PD, the sheriff’s department and state police, law enforcement is where it’s at.”

Mr. Castro grew up in Guam, where both his parents are from, before his dad was stationed at Fort Drum. They moved to the area in 1992 and stuck around after his dad got out of the military in 1995.

“So I was fortunate enough to go to high school at Watertown High,” Mr. Castro said.

He’s honored to be named trooper of the year, but he also recognizes he’s paid to do it. He said he knows that around the country there are people who don’t perceive law enforcement as a good profession, but he also knows the north country has hardly wavered its support.

“I’m doing this job because I chose to do this job,” he said. “I’m doing what I think is expected of me. I love to help people. I was in EMS and now I moved on to the greatest job in the world.”

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