Le Moyne College graduates named to the spring 2020 dean’s list

SYRACUSE — Le Moyne College has named local students to its spring 2020 dean’s list. To make the list, students must achieve a GPA of 3.5 or above.

Stephen Huffaker, sophomore English and communications major from Phoenix.

Paxton Potter, senior English and theatre arts major from Oswego.

Justine Marsh, sophomore biology and psychology major from Sterling.

Zachary Revette, senior biology major from Mexico.

Jasmine James, senior biology major from Oswego.

Mackenzie Mahajan, senior biology major from Oswego.

Ethan Fish, junior biology major from Sandy Creek.

Brianna Brown, senior biology major from Central Square.

Anthony Butterfield, sophomore communications major from Altmar.

Kaitlyn Greer, senior communications major from Fulton.

Rachel Salvetti, senior English major from Fulton.

Leah St. Phillips, senior English major from Phoenix.

Kaylin Richards, senior physics major from Mexico.

Jadelyn James, junior physics major from Oswego.

Chris Schreck, sophomore political science major from Fulton.

Elyse Maniccia, sophomore political science major from Oswego.

Conner Wells, junior psychology major from Central Square.

Sheyenne Lacey, junior psychology major from Oswego.

Claudia Chetney, junior psychology major from Oswego.

Sarah Britton, junior psychology major from Williamstown.

Nikita Sharkey, senior theatre arts major from Sterling.

Michael York, senior business analytics, marketing, and communications major from Cato.

Miranda Myhill-LaForce, senior business analytics and finance major from Martville.

Samantha Uptegrove, junior nursing major from Bernhards Bay.

April Christodoulou, sophomore nursing major from Central Square.

Robert Howley, sophomore nursing major from Central Square.

Makayla Newvine, sophomore nursing major from Fulton.

Megan Hess, sophomore nursing major from Phoenix.

Amy Gardner, senior accounting and information systems major from Brewerton.

Kelsey Doolittle, senior biology major from Brewerton.

Eva Keohane, senior chemistry major from Brewerton.

Raegan Parrotta, junior psychology major from Brewerton.

Allyson Hartwell, sophomore psychology major from Brewerton.

Nicholas Davis, junior business analytics and Finance major from Brewerton.

Jonathan Abbott, junior business analytics major from Brewerton.

Arianna Landon, sophomore nursing major from Brewerton.

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