NNY Business 20 Under 40 award winners were presented with plaques in 2018. Sydney Schaefer/Watertown Daily Times

NNY Business is introducing 20 of the north country’s most talented up-and-coming young leaders Friday with its first-ever virtual 20 Under 40 video event.

The full video presentation can be viewed below, and the profiles can be read at nnybizmag.com, or by clicking here.

The individuals being honored are between the ages of 28 to 39 who are recognized by their peers, employers, family members and communities as individuals who strive each day to obtain success professionally and personally, while giving back to those in need.

These young leaders do what they do not out of an expectation of recognition, but out of a true sense of duty to their positions and a selflessness for others. Their goal was not to become a leader; leadership followed them in a wake of hard work, conscience and compassion.

This year marks the 10th annual 20 Under 40 Awards and in this spectacular class of 20 Under 40 recipients, you will find a deputy director, a project coordinator, a director of clinical education, a pediatric dentist, a local foods program leader and farmer, an environmental program specialist a remote process engineer, teachers, entrepreneurs, a sales manager, a director of outpatient clinics, a city manager, a clinic director, a disaster program manager, a public health director and an attorney at law.

As impressive as their professional credentials are, you will also find 20 volunteers and selfless residents of the north country. They are each involved in their community in some capacity away from work, serving on nonprofit boards, coaching youth league sports, raising money for charities or assisting at church and school functions. They do this for the benefit of others, not for personal commendation.

They are leaders because of how they conduct themselves when there is no expectation that anyone will notice. They have stepped up to the plate during the time of a global pandemic to help north country communities in their greatest time of need. They are leaders because others see what they are accomplishing and willingly follow. They are examples the type of people who can make the north country a better place to live, both now and for future generations.

NNY Business is proud to recognize these dedicated young, rising professionals.

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