Onondaga Community College announces fall 2021 president’s and provost’s list honorees

SYRACUSE - Onondaga Community College announced its list of student honorees for the fall 2021 semester. President’s list members earned a grade point average between 3.70 and 4.0. Provost’s list honorees earned a grade point average between 3.40 and 3.69.

President’s List

Brewerton: Samuel Campbell, Emily College, Diane Day, Angela Gugino, Grace Lambrych, Justin Schafer, Gage Simmons and Alyssa Wilson.

Central Square: Dana Bova, Andrew Coleman, Courtney Kowanes, Kierstin Lorraine, Nikolas Strong and Betheny Witherell.

Cleveland: Lauren Carter.

Constantia: Taylor Bush, Patricia Giovannini and Brian McDonald.

Fulton: Addison Billion, Laine Brady, Kimberly Dingman, Jacob Geers, Jacob Holmes, Jacob Hughes, Victoria Storrs and Noah Walter.

Hannibal: Daniel Griffin and Dillon Plantz.

Hastings: Nicholas Bullock, Amy Catlin, Madison Goppelt, Maxwell Hill and Joele Migliore.

Mexico: Sara Bouchard and Pamela Mauro-Gillespy.

Oswego: Bryanna Gonyou, Crystal Thomas, Adrian Wilson and Riley Wood.

Parish: Sarah Davis and Andrea Desantis and Tara Matthie.

Pennellville: Rhonda Briggs.

Phoenix: Shelby Bower, Natalie King and Edward Zellar.

Pulaski: Kayla Arzie, Ethan Facey and Nia Marshall.

Sterling: Andrew Blodgett.

West Monroe: Alexander Wejko.

Williamstown: Trevor Johst.

Provost’s List

Brewerton: Laura Bratt, Justin Gower, Paige Harding and Ethan Meyers.

Central Square: Alexys Herrick and Emily Overend

Constantia: Brooke Kellison, Deborah Sandy and Dyllan Stadelmann.

Fulton: Bryan Burns, Ryan Luke, Jordyn Stone and Curtis Taylor.

Mexico: Kaitlyn Soucy.

Oswego: Michael Borer, Zoey Devoid, Anthony Harter and Amy Pauldine.

Parish: Salvatore Gulisano and Melissa Mosher.

Pennellville: Sean Stevens and Joshua Van Gorder.

Phoenix: Mason Bresett, Alyssa Froio, Hunter Hughes and Heather Richards.

Sterling: Noah Kuc.

West Monroe: Kate McKenna and Megan Phillips.

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(2) comments


You forgot my name :(


They've forgotten my name as well. Whomever is the editor for this, your listing is incomplete and I would doublecheck your list with the school. Not to sound petty, but, we do work hard for this accolade.

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