LOWVILLE — What does a chicken have to do to get arrested around here? A pretty red hen patrolled the Lewis County Courthouse entrance and parking lot on Friday, following some people, running from others and in most cases, becoming the source of many puns and a bit of camp.

“It was going to go inside to see the judge,” quipped one court security officer, “But it chickened out.”

“The first thing we did was ask it if it came from across the road and why,” said another.

Multiple county employees said there are people living in the vicinity known to keep chickens, but it was unknown whose coop this one had flown.

Village code allows residents to keep up to 10 fowl, but “no crowing animals” such as roosters.

The flock, gaggle or, in this case, brood is required to be kept in fenced or penned-in areas. The courthouse chicken, by way of her owners, could be fined between $50 and $250 for her fowl play.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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