HEUVELTON — The Village of Heuvelton is planning on having a farmers market that will open next spring.

Headed by Heuvelton’s planning board, the farmer’s market is still in the planning stages but will tentatively be held at the Heuvelton boat launch.

“We don’t have a specific date but we are planning on opening next spring,” said Jenessa Fenton-Smithers, member of the planning board. “They’re currently constructing a pavilion at the site. We’re thinking that would be a good site. We’re going to continue to explore that option but having the pavilion will provide coverage when there’s rain, electricity, and bathrooms.”

The planning board is still looking at possible days and times.

“We want to make sure we don’t compete with any of the local markets,” said Fenton-Smithers. “We’re going to explore the times once we get more vendors but we definitely want to do a Saturday morning market and potentially a weekday evening market.”

Fenton-Smithers brought the idea of a farmers market to the planning board who heavily supported the idea.

“I was talking to the mayor and I told her I would really love to start a farmers market in Heuvelton,” said Fenton-Smithers. “I lived in Vermont for several years and they have an awesome farmers market culture and I always thought there’s no reason we couldn’t have something like this where I grew up.”

The planning board is also looking to the community for input to help ensure the success of the market.

“We’re seeking community input as well,” said Fenton-Smithers. “As we get into more of the specifics we’ll probably have some community meetings but we’re also reaching out to vendors and community and business leaders to get their expertise to really step up the farmers market.”

The survey can be taken by anyone who plans on attending the market and can be found at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Z32VKSB.

“Part of one of the survey questions is what kind of products people want to see at the market,” said Fenton-Smithers. “I have spreadsheets of over 50 local vendors we can reach out to depending on the survey results. If people want produce, I have a list of produce vendors.”

Fenton-Smithers is hopeful the market will benefit the community and showcase the talent within the community.

“I think farmers markets benefit communities in many ways,” said Fenton-Smithers. “There’s obviously the nutritional benefits of having access to affordable food but there’s also the social interaction benefits. We really want to showcase the talent of what the Village of Heuvelton and surrounding communities have to offer. This will also help to pull traffic into the downtown area. It’s really one of those things that checks off all the boxes.”

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