Walmart prides itself on rock-bottom prices for everyday goods, but as soda, snack and toothpaste makers boost what they charge retailers in response to rising costs and looming tariffs, something’s got to give. Read More ⇒

OGDENSBURG — A letter sent to the city of Ogdensburg by the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development said that a report on the feasibility of a Project Labor Agreement for the city’s Wastewater System Improvement Project did not provide sufficient supporting documentation to… Read More ⇒

SAN JOSE, Calif. — The Federal Trade Commission has fined Facebook $5 billion in a settlement that both the agency and the company promise will result in real change in how the social networking giant operates and handles user information. Read More ⇒

I have never tried psychedelic drugs, but I imagine the experience is a lot like drinking a Starbucks Frappuccino. Strange sensations, unnatural colors, increased heart rate, heightened emotions, paranoia: It’s all there in that plastic cup, the three or four times a year the brand introduce… Read More ⇒

Stacey, a single mother, was getting 30 hours a week when she first started working at a big-box store in the Bay Area, in early 2015. But her hours had grown erratic by the time we interviewed her, a few months later: 20 hours one week, 12 the next, then 12 again, and then only eight. The f… Read More ⇒

Social Security is committed to protecting your personal information. We urge you to always be cautious and to avoid providing sensitive information such as your Social Security number (SSN) or bank account information to unknown people over the phone or internet. Read More ⇒