East Hounsfield Free Library Director Laura Dillinghamwas searching for things to occupy her home-schooled kids’ time. She got the idea for the ‘Kid’preneur market from a friend in Colorado, put out a Facebook post to fellow home-schooling parents and got to organizing the library’s first ev… Read More ⇒

These days it seems like everything has a bigger price tag — from local gas prices, to groceries, rent and other necessities. Inflation has changed the prices of everyday goods throughout the years, with some years being worse than others. Read More ⇒

FULTON – As part of Fulton’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI), plans have been submitted by Construction Design and Management, (CDM), Syracuse, to redevelop the former Nestle site’s Building 30 as residential units, it was announced by Fulton Mayor Deana Michaels. Read More ⇒

People really begin noticing inflation when it shows up in things that they regularly buy. That’s why gasoline and milk get so much attention. Add bread to a growing list of basics that are rising in price and crushing consumer sentiment. Read More ⇒

If you’ve been a fan of the Toyota Avalon, you might be distressed to know that the car that started life with the internal corporate nickname the Fat Camry will motor into the history books come August. Initially an attempt to lure Detroit full-size sedan buyers — it even had a bench seat —… Read More ⇒

Q: I bought a 2018 Ford Edge Sport new and have driven it for almost four years. The dealership said to use 87 octane gas so that’s what I’ve been using. My manual says anything from 87 to 91. Where I fill up, 88 octane is usually a little cheaper, although one day it was 40 cents less per g… Read More ⇒

OSWEGO – It is highly likely that for more than 40 years, more people have enjoyed more camaraderie, more music, and had more great and memorable times at Old City Hall than anywhere else in this city and probably this county. That may now be coming to an end. Read More ⇒