3 Seasons store reopening Aug. 14

Owner Meri Briggs will soon be reopening 3 Seasons, 19 County Route 28, Ogdensburg. Christopher Lenney/The Journal

OGDENSBURG — The 3 Seasons will be reopening in August after being closed from COVID-19 with the shop’s newest gift basket addition, “Over the Moon.”

Meri Briggs and her husband, Michael, opened 3 Seasons four years ago when they returned to Ogdensburg after living in Boston, Mass., for nearly 40 years.

“I had been coming back to visit family and noticed there was a lot of opportunity in Ogdensburg,” said Briggs. “I really wanted to give back to the community and see if I could do our small part in the sense of opening a shop and really trying to help grow the area.”

With Briggs’ experience of 40 years in retail, she felt confident to open her own shop in her hometown.

“I was in executive management for a big company out in the Boston area,” said Briggs. “When you work for a big company you have visions of owning your shop someday and running it the way that you want to run it.”

The shop, located at 19 County Route 28 in Ogdensburg, will be reopening on Aug. 14.

“We are selling a lot of gift giving,” said Briggs. “We are also selling ladies apparel in the form of ladies tops. I also have really high quality sweatshirts and t-shirts that I’m going to be selling. They are really well made, we’re really trying to feature high quality. We also have ladies accessories such as purses, belts, and jewelry.”

With the reopening, 3 Seasons will be featuring their newest addition to the shop, “Over the Moon.”

“We’re opening a small business within 3 Seasons called Over the Moon,” said Briggs. “It’s going to be gift baskets for all different occasions such as birthdays, new homes, thank yous, new babies, sympathy, that kind of thing.”

3 Seasons will also be featuring merchandise from vendor partners such as honey, maple products, woodworkings, and more.

Briggs noted the shop will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays but the shop’s hours are still to be determined and will be released soon.

“I’m a really big believer in customer service and customers comes first,” said Briggs. “I know pricing is very important in this area so we try our best. We really try to strive to bring a great value to the customer and hunt down that special item a customer is looking for if we don’t have it. Customer service and making sure that our guests know they’re appreciated is very important to us.”

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