COVID-19 alters school shopping

Folks do some back-to-school shopping at Salmon Run Mall on Thursday in Watertown. Kara Dry/Watertown Daily Times

WATERTOWN — It’s a different year for parents and their children when they go out school shopping this year.

Most schools will start out this fall with in-person learning just two days a week because of the coronavirus pandemic.

And parents are holding back spending a bit when they go out looking for that perfect pair of sneakers, or that new shirt that’ll be worn on the first day of school.

Dexter residents Caitlin Mylivecek and her four children headed to the Salmon Run Mall on a rainy afternoon to finish up their school shopping, She’s spending about $200 this year, less than previous years because her children won’t be in school every day.

“Just getting less because it’s only two days,” she said.

Her kids — Peter, 9; Jacob, 6; Blake and Daniele, both 4 — needed to get some pants and shirts. She bought all the school supplies they need last week.

Parent Theresa Gracey, also of Dexter, is doing school shopping for the first time this year because her daughter, Briana, 5, will be going to kindergarten in a few weeks.

She picked up a pair of blue, black and white Nikes during their visit at the mall on this day. The young mother figured that she’d be spending more on school clothes and supplies if it weren’t for the situation of the virus.

“She’s all set to go,” the mother said.

Brandy Bogardus already finished shopping for her daughter three weeks ago and returned to the mall last week for a bridal shower gift.

“I had the money, so I got it done,” she said.

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