BARNES CORNERS — About 10 percent of the town of Pinckney’s population stopped by Atlantic Wind’s Deer River Wind Farm open house on Wednesday evening.

Over 30 people viewed the display charts and spoke to Atlantic Wind’s experts on everything from sound and visual impacts to legal issues and the mechanics of turbines.

Many land owners receiving payments from the company for hosting turbines or power lines were present, as were members of the anti-wind farm group, Tug Hill Alliance for Rural Preservation, known as THARP.

Margie Gardner, who will have a turbine on her property, was interested in speaking with Robert O’Neil, managing principal at Epsilon Associates who is responsible for the project’s noise assessment.

Ms. Gardner said part of the reason she decided to host a turbine is because it makes more sense to her to have “Mother Nature providing power.”

Margot Jacoby, however, said she would prefer Mother Nature is harnessed using solar and that there needs to be more unbiased studies on the impacts of wind farms on wildlife and humans.

Mrs. Jacoby and her husband Doug are also concerned that President Trump’s April 3 statement, “If you have a windmill anywhere near your house, congratulations, your house just went down 75 percent in value” is likely to make that impact a reality if only because so many people believe what the president says without question.

Prior to this meeting, THARP members expressed concern to judges in the Article 10 process about the meeting format because they believe a question and answer format is more transparent.

At the open house, however, Walter Meisner, project manager for Avangrid Renewables, reiterated that his company has learned over the years there are often people who have questions they aren’t comfortable asking in front of their neighbors or a large group.

“I really like this format,“ Mr. Meisner said, “I feel like I can go deeper on the questions people ask one on one.”

Atlantic Wind, a subsidiary of developer Avangrid Renewables, is working to gain a certificate of environmental compatibility and public need from the state through the Article 10 review process for its project, consisting of up to 27 turbines about 600 feet tall in the towns of Pinckney and Harrisburg that will generate 100 megawatts of power.

For more information on the meeting, call Avangrid’s local office at 315-874-4231.

To make a comment on the project or read project documents, go to

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