Help for police is all in the details

Todd Brown, owner of Final Touch Detailing, meets with Patrolman Ross Dixson of the Massena Police Department. Mr. Brown will be providing detailing for all of the department’s vehicles at no cost. Bob Beckstead/Watertown Daily Times

MASSENA — Officers with the Massena Police Department will always be stepping into clean vehicles thanks to a family-owned detailing company.

Todd Brown, owner of Final Touch Detailing, 170 Highland Road, Massena, said he has been working with the Massena Police Department for a couple of years.

“We usually just refresh the cars for them. We give them quite a discounted rate. It’s nice for them to have cleaner cars to work with,” he said.

But, now, the police department won’t have to worry about the discounted rate.

“We’ve decided we are donating our services for the Massena Police Department. We do the interior of all the cars right now, and we’re doing GlassParency on all the cars. So all of our services that we’ve done so far and what we’re doing is all going to be free for the Massena Police Department,” Mr. Brown said.

“We’ve always been honored to be able to do it to begin with. But now to do it and donate our time, hopefully it makes it better for them because I know the budget’s always been a fight,” he said.

Speaking to Patrolman Ross Dixson, he said, “You guys have to drive these vehicles for hours on end. It would be nicer to have them cleaner for you and to keep them sanitized.”

The GlassParency treatment makes visibility better for first responders, Mr. Brown said. He was certified last year to provide the treatment to first responders.

“GlassParency is a new thing. It’s used all over the United States. It’s big with fire departments, police departments and rescue squads,” he said. “In rain like this, nine times out of 10 the officers aren’t even going to need their wiper blades. The water will bead right up because it can’t stick to the glass.”

It also improves nighttime visibility for the officers, he said.

“In a lot of ways, it’s really going to help them stay safer out on the road and make their job a lot easier, too,” he said.

Mr. Brown said he and his family always try to give back to the community. They’ve assisted Hospice and Palliative Care and promoted cancer awareness as part of their efforts.

“My kids have always done food drives for the last three years where they’ll actually do a lemonade stand or they’ll do a regular food drive, or they’ll do something for the Humane Society and they raise money,” he said. “It always gets donated back. That’s something we’ve always done over the last few years.”

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