OGDENSBURG — All the electric energy used by the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority is now being supplied through a Purchase Power Agreement from a solar installation on Wagner Road.

“OBPA owns many facilities that consume a significant amount of energy. The cost of power continues to go up putting pressure on budgets for the Authority. This issue requires energy planning and finding a solution to control future cost for energy,” Larsen Engineers reported in a feasibility study for the OBPA.

The 1.2 megawatt solar power array was built with funding from a New York State Energy Research and Development Authority grant awarded to groSolar, now known as EDF Renewables.

Wade Davis, Executive Director of the OBPA explained the project in an email to the Times: “Per Executive Order No. 4, OBPA wanted to source 1.2 Megawatts of renewable energy and control the cost of future energy for its operations by pursuing green power alternatives. Availability of NYS Solar program grants from NYSERDA enabled OBPA to seek a Power Purchase Agreement from a Solar PV Developer, groSolar, to provide green power and reduce the cost of power over the long term, with no capital investment by the OBPA. It is a win for the environment, a win for stabilized energy costs, and a win for the investment in Solar PV generation in Northern New York.”

Executive order No. 4 requires state agencies and authorities to develop and implement a Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship Program, which includes, among other things, an increase in the use of renewable energy.

The solar array went online two months ago, Mr. Davis said at an OBPA Finance Committee meeting.

The Power Purchase agreement also will allow the OBPA to stabilize its budget for electricity.

“This agreement allows for stabilized costs in the future as we are purchasing 100 percent of our power needs from the solar facility,” Mr. Davis said.

The price can change, Mr. Davis said, but it is significantly insulated from market fluctuations.

The power supplied by the solar array goes to cover all of OBPA’s operations including the newly expanded airport and all its other properties.

The agreement, Mr. Davis said, is for 10 years.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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