OGDENSBURG — In September, the Ogdensburg International Airport looks to board its 150,000th passenger since its expansion in 2016, Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority Director Wade A. Davis said.

Before the expansion, the airport was averaging about 5,000 passengers per year, Mr. Davis said.

The continued success of Allegiant Air and its seasonal flights to Florida and the growing success of United/SkyWest flights to Chicago and Washington have created a steady increase in passengers.

United/SkyWest said they planned to have about 48 percent capacity sales in its proposal, Mr. Davis said.

“Month one they were at 35 percent, month two they were at 54 percent, month three they were at 64 percent,” Mr. Davis said. “I have not seen August numbers yet, but on a couple of occasions this month the flights have been oversold, which indicates to me that number is somewhat higher than 64 percent.”

The increase in passengers helped the airport surpass its budget predictions.

“The airport was predicted to be around $53,000 negative,” Mr. Davis said. “It was actually $7,600 negative.”

Revenue at the airport for July was around $111,000 and expenses around $119,000, Mr. Davis said.

In June, the airport missed its budget, coming in at a loss of $62,000 against a budget operating expense loss of $53,000.

“It’s a startup operation,” Mr. Davis said, referring to the losses. “It’s projected to continue to grow and the trends are showing the customer usage is definitely showing growth there. We’re very pleased with what we are seeing on the United side of things and also on the Allegiant side of things.”

It’s worth noting Mr. Davis said, that July’s good numbers came in a month when there were very few Allegiant flights due to the seasonal nature of its route. Allegiant Air will resume its Florida flights in October.

The good month at the airport has added to the OBPA consolidated budget showing a profit of more than $500,000 for July.

“The operating revenues for July were $1,064,000, expenses were $528,000 — an operating profit of $536,000,” Mr. Davis said.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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