CANTON — After co-owning the business for more than 19 years, Rainbow L. and Joshua D. Crabtree have decided to put Nature’s Storehouse up for sale.

“It is with full hearts that we announce that Nature’s Storehouse (business and building) is for sale,” they said in a press release.

In the release, they made clear that Nature’s is not shutting down. Rather, they are just looking for a buyer.

“We are committed to finding the right buyer, someone who is interested in purchasing Nature’s because they are interested in this business, someone who cares about the north country community. We are also committed to providing the support necessary to ensure a smooth transition.”

Mrs. Crabtree said she and her husband, Joshua, are mainly just looking to shift gears.

“We’ve been doing this for over 19 years, and we’d like to explore other things in our life,” she said.

The health-food store works closely with neighboring farmers and producers to offer local products year-round. The shop sells everything from fresh vegetables, meats, cheeses, house-baked breads and ready-made lunches to vitamins, beauty products and spices, among other local items.

Mrs. Crabtree stressed that Nature’s will remain in business. The transition could take months or even years, so for now, Mrs. Crabtree said she’s “still very committed to running this business.”

“We feel that Nature’s is essential to the good life that Canton provides,” she said. “It’s hard to imagine Canton without Nature’s. ... This is an awesome business, so I have faith that a buyer will come along.”

The sale, she added, is a positive thing “because it’s important for the business to evolve.”

“I would hope that people would be looking forward to whatever it is the next owner brings,” she said.

Nature’s has changed hands a few times since it opened in 1972.

“It’s a story that began in Canton in 1972 with the Foote family, then with Miriam Preis, then Georgie Mallett, then the Crabtree family, and that story will continue with ... well, maybe with you,” the release reads.

For the Crabtrees, Nature’s is vital because they believe access to good food is important.

“Especially in a rural area, access to good food can be challenging,” Mrs. Crabtree said. “So it is important to provide access to good food, and at the same time a warm place where people can feel comfortable, at home, and cared for.”

“Owning Nature’s,” she said, “has largely been for us about participating in the creation of a sense of place and community in Canton. Having Nature’s in Canton helps to create a community in which people feel proud, and in which we hope others might like to come visit and live.”

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