Massena requesting bids for roof work

Requests for bids are going out this week for roof work that’s part of the Massena Central School District’s $49.6 million capital project. Work at Madison Elementary School will take place in the summer. Christopher Lenney/Watertown Daily Times

MASSENA — Requests for bids are going out this week for roof work that’s part of the Massena Central School District’s $49.6 million capital project.

The previous contract that had been awarded to Elmer W. Davis, Inc. for $3,754,700 is being closed out after the contractor was unable to complete work this past summer.

Because of manpower issues and rain delays, roofing work that was scheduled to be completed at Madison Elementary School had been pushed back to next summer.

Roof replacement was completed at Jefferson Elementary School in late summer, and will continue at Madison, as well as Nightengale Elementary School this summer. Because the roofs at Massena Central High School and J.W. Leary Junior High School are under warranty, there will only be select work to address problem areas.

“We are moving along with having the roofing bid out. We will have bid opening on Thursday, February 4,” Edward Bernhauer, an architect with IBI Group, the school district’s architectural firm, told Board of Education members.

Rather than one contractor completing the work, he said they are rebidding the project as two smaller contracts “to kind of take advantage of getting two contractors on board to execute that work. We should be in good shape.”

The capital project has been broken into three phases. Phase two will take place this summer and phase three will wrap up the project in summer 2022.

“Phase two is currently being reviewed by the third party reviewer at the state Education Department, Trautman Associates out of Buffalo. They’re an architectural engineering firm,” Mr. Bernhauer said.

He said Trautman Associates was getting set to upload their comments regarding the work scheduled for phase two.

“That puts us right on par with the schedule we talked about, which is our bidding in February for phase two, which is very exciting,” he said.

“It’s good to hear that the third party review for phase two is going to get their comments so we can comment back and hopefully get out very soon in February” for bids, Superintendent Patrick Brady said.

Phase two will include work at all of the elementary schools, site work and masonry restoration at the district’s Shared Transportation Facility, and site work, masonry restoration and boiler room replacement at the high school.

Phase three is currently in the design phase.

“This is the design work that usually revolves around the high school, junior high and some of our support buildings for summer of 2022 construction. We’re actually in good shape there,” Mr. Bernhauer said.

He said the design work would be finished this spring, and then the project would be submitted for state Education Department review.

“We would be ready end of summer, early fall to put that work out,” he said.

“Up to this date, we’ve been doing phase one which is roofs and site work and abatement, which isn’t a lot of work inside the buildings. In phase two, we’re going to be inside buildings and it’s going to get a little more complicated,” Mr. Brady said.

Contractors are currently completing punch list work that remains from the first phase of the project.

“As you well know, we’re pretty much on a hiatus for phase one right now, waiting for the winter to break into the spring to get back into the buildings and on the sites. Essentially, there’s some punch list work. It’s a minor, minor punch list, I would say,” Robert Gray from C&S Companies, the district’s construction management firm, said.

Mr. Bernhauer said they started with about 40 to 60 punch list items, and that has been whittled down.

“They’re down to less than six. It’s all pretty much minor items,” he said.

“And there were no deal breakers anywhere,” Mr. Gray said.

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