Sanitize your stuff with UV light

The Monos CleanPod uses UVC light to sanitize objects and surfaces. Monos

Technology has certainly helped us during the current pandemic.

Working from home is easier now than it would have been five years ago. The advent of services like Zoom and Microsoft Teams has brought video conferencing to the masses.

COVID-19 has changed the way we look at and use technology.

There are new gadgets now that have been developed just to help us live the best life we can during this challenging time.

We have all heard advice from medical professionals.

Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face.

So what about our gadgets?

Think about how many times you pick up your phone each day. Do you still take calls by holding your phone up to your face? Your phone is a germ magnet.

I set my phone down and pick it up a dozen or more times every day. I’m sure you do, too.

How often do you clean your phone, your tablet or your laptop?

I had been using sanitizing wipes to clean my devices, but now they’re almost nonexistent on store shelves, so I was ready to try something different.

Monos is a Canadian company that makes hard-sided luggage, but with the downturn in the travel industry, it has begun to manufacture a portable sanitizer for surfaces and objects.

The Monos CleanPod UVC Sterilizer ($90) is a battery-powered wand that uses special LEDs to emit a high-energy beam of ultraviolet C light (UVC) that can kill up to 99.9 percent of germs.

n Ultraviolet light

UVC light has very short wavelengths that are fatal to germs and bacteria.

According to Monos, “Ultraviolet C (UVC) light has a very short wavelength and very high energy. Wavelengths between 200–300 nm are considered germicidal, as they are strongly absorbed by nucleic acids.

“UVC light is proven to be highly effective in killing bacteria and other pathogens by scrambling their DNA or RNA (their genetic code). Once their genetic code is broken, they can no longer function.”

The CleanPod is a wand, so you can sanitize larger objects and surfaces, and it doesn’t have to be plugged in to do its job.

n Features

The CleanPod is compact and light. It is about 8.5 inches long and fits comfortably in your hand.

It is powered by a 2,000-milliamp hour rechargeable battery that is charged up with an included USB-C cable. The battery will last for about three hours of cleaning.

The CleanPod has two kinds of UV LEDs. There are both UVA and UVC LEDs.

UVC light is not very bright, but UVA lights have a purple tint. The purple light helps you see where the cleaning is happening.

The wand has a safety switch to keep it from being used by children and to keep you from turning the unit on accidentally.

UVC light is harmful to your eyes and your skin, so don’t look into the light and don’t try to sanitize your skin.

The CleanPod does get a bit warm while you use it.

Monos says exposing surfaces to at least 30 seconds of the CleanPod’s light will kill 99.9 percent of germs.

The instructions say to hold the LEDs about an inch over the surface you are cleaning.

The CleanPod, which uses a USB-C cable, takes about 2.5 hours to charge.

n How it’s used

The controls are easy to master. The safety switch is purposely difficult to move. Once you turn off the safety, press the single gold button that turns the LEDs on or off.

There is a three-minute timer on the light to keep things from getting too hot, but you can turn the light on after it shuts off.

Monos includes a white cloth bag to keep the CleanPod safe when it’s not in use.

It is so easy to use that I found myself sanitizing all kinds of things around my office.

It’s a nice little device to keep on your desk or around the house. The fact that it runs off a rechargeable battery is helpful. Best of all, I don’t have to wake up early to get to the store to buy more sanitizing wipes.

Pros: Kills bacteria and germs without chemicals, rechargeable battery, portable.

Cons: It needs a better instruction manual, and the included USB-C able is too short.

Bottom line: I’m buying one for my parents.

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