Housing complexes receive new names

Seven apartment complexes across the north country have received new names in the owner’s effort to consolidate their branding.

The United Group of Companies Inc., Troy, decided to incorporate its new Parkstead Properties brand into the names of its Watertown, Clayton, Philadelphia, Copenhagen and Gouverneur apartments after conducting several renovation projects, according to a news release. Its affiliates, United Plus Property Management and United Realty Management Corp., will continue overseeing the complexes.

The apartment complexes that will receive new names include:

— Mountaineer Estates, 256 Michigan Ave., has become Parkstead Watertown at Black River

— Truscott Terrace, 207 Wealtha Ave., has become Parkstead Watertown at City Center

— Gabriel Court, 1815 Olmstead Drive, has become Parkstead Watertown at Thompson Park

— Friends Settlement, 300 Quaker Ave., Philadelphia, has become Parkstead Philadelphia

— Lonsway Hill, l 100 Joseph Lonsway Drive, Clayton, has become Parkstead Clayton

— Deer River Estates, 700 Phalen Drive, Copenhagen, has become Parkstead Copenhagen

— Constitution Court, 500 Sleepy Hollow Road, Gouverneur, has become Parkstead Gouverneur

“(The company) has been renovating apartments, townhomes and clubhouses at these communities since the summer of 2017. With a fresh look and new amenities, we knew that it was the perfect time to rebrand and create more of a partnership between communities to make a renter’s apartment search in the North Country even easier,” said company spokesperson, Greg Eves.

The company will announce a grand reopening at a later date.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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